Fatal Shooting Highlights the Importance of Concealed Carry Permits

There is a saying among many that goes a little something like, "F*** around and find out", well that certainly happened in Detroit this week, sadly just one day after Christmas. But there are no "off" days for criminals. On Monday morning on Detroit’s east side, tragedy struck when an armed robber was shot and killed by a tow truck driver with a concealed pistol license.

According to Detroit police, the tow truck driver was the intended target of the robber, but when the driver revealed his concealed carry weapon, things didn't end well. The tow truck driver was meeting up with the thug to try and purchase a junk car, but for whatever reason, the man tried to rob the tow truck driver and it resulted in the loss of his life.

The incident highlights the importance of having a concealed carry permit. Thankfully, the tow truck driver was prepared for such an incident to take place, because you just never know when something bad is going to happen so it's better to always be prepared.

In the wake of the incident, many are questioning the importance of gun control and the dangers of having a gun in an urban area. However, it is important to note that the shooter was a licensed gun owner and was within his rights to defend himself. The police have even said that this is a clear case of self-defense.

The incident also raises the question of how to prevent such situations from happening in the future. Although there is no simple answer, it is important to remember that having a concealed carry permit can be a powerful tool for self-defense in dangerous situations. I do think that if we could work on improving the states of minds of people then that would be one thing that would help. Another thing would be to improve living conditions somehow so that people don't get so desperate and feel like they need to rob others.

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