Family Hold Two Separate Funerals for Child After Disagreement, Wait Until You Hear Why

Mental illness has penetrated deep into our country and it's not just something that has been recognized either. It's actually generally not even recognized as mental illness.

I'm talking about the whole transgender idea. This was once recognized by medical professionals as a mental illness, now it's a celebrated as a part of regular life.

Recently, a transgender child committed suicide in Australia. Rather than absorb the event for what it truly was, a tragedy, the child's estranged parents kowtowed to the crazed notion of diverse gender identity.

The child was a biological girl. However, she chose to identify as a boy. Many might raise their eyebrows at such an insane notion. Nevertheless, in today's society, such odd personal choices are growing increasingly more visible.

There can be healthy debate over a person's right to say they are whatever they want to be. However, that still does not alter reality. But in Western Australia, two parents carried the debate to another level. They held two funerals for one deceased human.

To acknowledge their dead child's true female biology, they held a funeral for a girl. The problem seemed to be with the mother's perception that her child needed to find an eternal resting peace as a boy.

Again, debating someone's right to their own opinion is clearly acceptable. But when does the debate over gender end? Can one corpse be two sexes? If this is to be the case, then why not conduct three funeral services?

Our head is spinning over the degree of senselessness inherent in such a discussion. What is even more disturbing is the idea that a tragedy had to be used to pacify a living person's unrealistic feelings.

With all respects to the grieving mother, the person in the casket is a female. We are sorry for the loss and express the most sincere condolences for such a tragedy. But that is what this is. The suicide, any suicide is a tragedy.

It should be treated as such, not a tool to level a radical belief system unsupported by reality. Mourn the loss of life with some sense of dignity. A tragic suicide is not the place to distract from the grief by picking sides over an issue that is best left in the privacy of our homes.

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