Famed "Tiger King" Star Is in Some Legal Hot Water After What Investigators Discovered

We have all see or at least heard of the Netflix series "Tiger King". If you have not watched it I highly recommend you check it out. Throughout the entire show, everyone accused Carole Baskin of killing her husband, and with all the evidence we can't help but wonder if it's true.

Well, the story of what happened to Carole's husband Don Lewis is starting to unfold.

Turns out that Carole Baskin's husband Don Lewis's will may have been forged. Don had disappeared from Florida in 1997. He was declared dead in 2002. A Hillsborough County Sheriff said "They had two experts deem his will 100% a forgery" the problem was the statute of limitations had already expired and everything in the will had already been given to Carole at that point.

According to 10TampaBay

TAMPA, Fla. — The fallout from Netflix's hit "Tiger King" docuseries took another turn on Tuesday when a prominent member of law enforcement confirmed what some people had speculated: Don Lewis' will was forged.

Lewis was the missing millionaire husband of Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin, one of the series' stars. He vanished from Tampa in 1997.

This year, Netflix's limited series raised curious questions about whether Baskin knew anything about her late husband's disappearance. Critics have suggested she might have been involved. She has repeatedly denied those assertions.

Lewis was formally declared dead in 2002.

Back in May, Lewis' friend and former lawyer Joseph Fritz told Fox News he thought his client's signature was forged on the document that gave Baskin Lewis' money.

"I believe it was traced," Fritz told Nancy Grace.

That's not the only evidence connected to the disappearance. Don Lewis's van was parked at a nearby airport with luggage still in the van as if someone parked it there to make it look like Don just left but, friends and family say he wouldn't just leave like that.

Carole Baskin has also been on the show saying "The only way to get a tiger to eat someone is the cover them in sardine oil or something". I'll let you decide if you think Carole is innocent or not.

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