Famed Lawyer Humiliates Biden's East Palestine Response

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich expressed her frustration with the Biden regime in response to the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. The train derailment has had far-reaching consequences, from dead fish and animals to potential threats to human health.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday, Brockovich was asked about government officials potentially hiding details of the environmental impact. Brockovich responded, "Yeah, there is. And I mean, it’s like, Oh my gosh, come on... We’ve seen them out here today aerating the creeks. They’re removing stuff. That, the wellheads are locked. What’s up?" She compared the dead animals in East Palestine to miners bringing canaries into coal mines as a warning sign: "Look, you don’t have to go any further… than a hundred-year study that we all know the miners did for us... You have dead fish: might not be good for humans. You have dead animals: might not be good for humans."

Brockovich highlighted how confusing and frustrating this situation is for East Palestine residents due to shifting messaging from government officials about whether or not it's safe to drink water from local sources: "You've sent a horrible mixed message to this community. Drink the water. Don't drink the water. Safe. Not safe." To make matters worse, she noted that schools have shut off drinking fountains and private wells around East Palestine are now locked--a clear sign that something is wrong in this town: "So in the schools so the children can't drink from the fountains and then on private wells around here they've got locks on them... If there's no problem you don't need to lock up a drinking fountain."

Brockovich declared, "You’re not gonna gaslight me."

On Friday, Biden was asked by a reporter if he would visit East Palestine.

Biden replied, "This time, I’m not. I was — I did a whole video — I mean — you know, the — what the hell — on..."

A reporter chimed in and suggested the word Biden was looking for was "Zoom."

Biden said, "Zoom! Zoom."

Biden then went off on a tangent, "All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song of my generation, 'Who’s Zoomin' Who?'"

"The answer is that I — I had a long meeting with my team as to what they’re doing," Biden said. "You know, we were there two hours after the train went down. Two hours. I’ve spoken with every single major figure in both the Uni- — in both Pennsylvania and in O- — and in Ohio."

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