Facebook's List of 'Dangerous Individuals and Organizations' Leaked

Facebook is a joke when it comes to actually preventing hate speech and stopping hate crimes

No single entity has done more to foster the spirit of hate and fan the flames of division in our country more than Facebook has.

Their definition of what constitutes a hate crime or hate speech or even just "misinformation" is completely separated from reality and the way the world actually works. It sort of reminds me of when Mythbusters was on TV and Adam Savage would say, "I reject your reality, and substitute my own." That's basically what Facebook, Big Tech, and liberals do with life.

Facebook bars more than 4,000 people and groups the company considers dangerous, including white supremacists, militarized social movements and alleged terrorists. The Intercept on Tuesday published a leaked list of dangerous individuals and organization that Facebook doesn't allow on its platform, providing a glimpse into how the social network moderates content that could lead to violence offline.

A whistleblower recently exposed Facebook and mentioned how people like Gavin McInnes and Tommy Robinson are on the list of "dangerous people".

I actually found the list and looked and sure enough, Gavin McInnes and Tommy Robinson are both on the list as individuals classified under "Hate". Joe Biggs is another individual who is found on the list also. But do you know who isn't on the list? Anyone associated with Antifa or the group itself.

There are a lot of people who are on this list and I'm sure some people deserve it while others don't and are mislabeled as "hate" because they're not liberal.

In fact, one of the policies for the Facebook Oversight Committee basically gives them free range to ban who they want:

"Content moderators don't have to research through court documents to find the exact crime committed. They can rely on media reports to determine if the person carried out a violent crime."


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