EXPOSED! How Democrats Steal Elections Has FINALLY Been Revealed!

A well-known fast food company claims to have a "secret sauce" that distinguishes its burgers from the competition. However, there have been so many questionable results in recent American elections that some people now think there's a "secret sauce" to having them stolen.

Jay Valentine, a technologically savvy author on Omega4America, is quoted as saying that "the jig is up." Valentine explains in this disturbing account precisely how the Democrats are stealing elections.

Although the wording is quite complex, Valentine and other tech experts claim that the idea will always hold true. IT pros refer to it as "database latency." Democrats may steal elections in "real time" by using database latency.

No ordinary person watching the progress of election results would ever notice. Here’s a quick example. A precinct election board alters the zip codes for a few thousand, voters on a specific date.

These ballots are all mailed out that week, according to election procedures. Now, these thousands of ballots are conveniently “undeliverable.” An operative, aware of what they’re doing or not, are charged with collecting all the invalid ballots.

About a week later, each of the bogus addresses is quietly corrected. No one knows the difference because no one is really looking. The National Change of Address Database (NCOA) doesn’t read any history of these address changes because there is no history.

These thousands of citizens get the rest of their mail just fine. The reason this happens is simple. The initial addresses for the ballots came from the county mail-in ballot database. This database is the one that gets changed.

Before anyone can detect the purposeful errors, the database is fixed. A number of states send ballots to every person. The voter never knows that they never received a mail-in ballot that they were “supposed to get.” The person chooses to vote in person.

To their surprise, an election official says, “You already voted!” Has anyone ever heard of that happening? How about, it’s happened “thousands upon thousands of times” across the country. This is the new “secret sauce,” otherwise known to tech geeks as “database latency.”

The cheaters are well aware that they can alter the voter rolls, get a boatload of illegal ballots into the system, and then correct the voter rolls. Who would ever suspect? Well, thanks to dedicated patriots like Jay Valentine, “the jig is up!”

Sure, months after an election is over, the oddities may become apparent. But what are the authorities going to do about it? Overturn an election and start over? We can’t even get half of these elected officials to agree to build a series of election protocols to combat fraud.

Do we really believe they’re going to come forward and say, “Oops, we need a do-over”? Democrats’ secret sauce is cooked up in stages. First, they make sure to tabulate all in-person votes on Election Day.

Next, they count the early, in-person votes. The following step is often critical. Democrat operatives do things like shut down the voting system. They’re going to need a reason. Remember the Atlanta water leak and the Maricopa County printer paper shortage?

These are just the most obvious. Then, Democrat operatives must haul the undeliverable ballots to a set location. The voters’ names, addresses, and zip codes are secretly corrected. Figure out how many votes the progressive candidate needs to win.

Use your illegal ballots to conveniently produce just enough votes to secure victory while not drawing too much attention. Sure, Republicans will file a lawsuit a few months later, but these things fizzle almost as soon as the ink is dry on the filing documents.

This strategy is how Democrats keep winning, always by suspiciously thin margins, typically defying voter registrations and other statistics. The Democrats are fully aware of the inept technology being used by Republicans.

The RNC uses databases, SQL, NCOA, or Melissa. These are all non-real-time, highly latent systems. The strategy of using database latency will work every single time. It’s the “special sauce.” Maybe Democrats should produce a “special jingle.”

We got “two houses of Congress, the White House, and a breadbasket full of governorships” using our own “special sauce.” Hopefully, investigations will reveal the truth and “sour Americans’ taste buds” on this poison sauce.

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