EXPLOSIVE! Maricopa County Waves the White Flag in Ongoing Battle

Maricopa County has reached the point of an agreement with the Arizona Senate.

Arizona State Senators have been fighting to gain access to the Splunk logs and the routers, which Maricopa County was withholding from them.

The announcement was made by Senator Karen Fann, the Senate Leader. Access to the logs and routers was requested months ago. The CyberNinjas were denied access, even as Senators offered to allow a third party to handle the process, while CyberNinjas would keep a close eye on the situation.

Fann tweeted,

HUGE win for the Az Senate today! Maricopa settlement gives us all the data needed to complete the review of the routers & Splunk log to the most comprehensive election audit in history. We got everything we need and more. Maricopa County goes home with its tail between its legs

Senator Wendy Rogers also tweeted in victory,

Summary: We won. They dropped their $2.8 meaningless claim for the machine replacement. We get the routers and spunk logs. Cyber Ninjas has full access. Maricopa caved.

Having a third party now involved in the situation, the need to move the materials will no longer be necessary. This development will help lead the case to a solid conclusion.

Maricopa County has taken a big loss in this new development. With these new materials, the Arizona Senate has secured all the materials it needs to run the most advanced and thorough audit ever completed in United States history.

Ensuring the oversight of the audit is secure, Representative John Shadegg will act as a middleman to ensure the evidence for the audit is secure.

The Arizona Senate has won the battle for these materials and now it appears Maricopa County is red in the face.

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