Exit Polls Shows Startling Problem that Could Mean the End of Republican Presidents

I am a person who enjoys math and numbers. I'm not sure why they are so appealing to me, but they just are. And I really love statistics as well. One particular set of statistics that I enjoy looking at is all the numbers surrounding elections, and specifically this past midterm election.

You can learn a lot about the state of our country as well as how to improve performance among certain demographics by looking at these numbers and figuring out why one class of people voted the way that they did and not the other way around.

For instance, one thing that I've pointed out before is that the majority of voters under the age of 30, approximately 63% of them, voted Democrat. The reason that I believe that's the case is because of the dumbing-down of America through the public school system in which they are easily indoctrinated by liberal nut jobs. And this has been going on for decades. This is why you shouldn't send your children to public school especially if you're Christian. If you think they're not going to be indoctrinated, the ballot boxes prove you wrong.

However another interesting statistic that came from these midterm elections is that 68% of single women voted for Democrats. Compare that the only 31% of single women voting Republican.

On the other hand Republicans actually picked up 20% more votes from married men than Democrats did, and 7% more single men voted Republican this go-around.

So of course the question then becomes why? Why is it that so many more single women voted Democrat? Well, I can see this being for possibly one of two reasons. First, it could be because of the whole abortion debate and maybe there are really enough conservative single women who Revere abortion and don't want to lose that ability.

The second possibility that I think it could be is that most liberal women are probably single. I'm not trying to be ugly, but a large majority of liberal women are not attractive, they dye their hair all sorts of colors, they're rude, hateful, and just everything that's bad about a person. It may just be that they think they're better than every other male and that they don't deserve to have them as a girlfriend or wife, or that they're just not attractive most men in general especially since most of the men are conservatives. I know I wouldn't date a liberal woman if I were still single.

Larry Elder has highlighted one more possibility:

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