Ex-FBI Operative Says Obama and Biden "Sold Out" America To Russia

An Undercover FBI informant Williams Douglas Campbell Knows all about Russia's plan make the U.S. depend on Moscow's uranium. which was what his entire career was about.

Campbell worked as an FBI undercover informant from 2008 through 2014 inside Russia’s nuclear industry, helping to uncover bribery, kickback, money laundering, and extortion scheme that sent several Russian and U.S. executives to prison.

He is now telling what he witnessed Barack Obama and Joe Biden do and how disturbing it was to watch those deals that Barack Obama made with a Russian nuclear firm that was involved with some very shady stuff

He also spoke with award-winning reporter Jon Solomon and told him how he thinks Barack Obama and Joe Biden "sold out" America

According to JustTheNews

“They were extorting, they were money laundering and they were violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act while the United States government was allowing them to go ahead and sign large United States energy contracts for delivery of Russian uranium into the United States to large utility entities,” Campbell said during an interview Tuesday on the John Solomon Reports podcast.

During the interview Campbell also noted that the Russians boasted of their influence and of American weakness.

“The Russians bragged about the influence, they bragged about the Clinton influence, they bragged about the weakness of this country, they bragged about the weakness of our president and referred to him twice with racial epithets, which were very troubling to me,” he said, recalling a fall 2010 meeting with key Russian figures in the Washington DC area.

Campbell worked undercover for nearly seven years helping the FBI build a case that executives tied to Russia’s Rosatom nuclear firm were engaged in wrongdoing. His work helped secure at least four convictions of players in the scheme.


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