Even Big Tech is Tired of California...CEO Announces Move to Texas

There is no question about it, California is a failed state and has been a failed state for a long time.

Eventually, I think if things don't get turned around in the near future, there will continue to be an exodus until there is no longer a way to keep the state sustainable.

But honestly, they get what they deserve. I'm a fan of liberals having liberal states and conservatives having conservative states.

Even liberal Big Tech is tired of California's ways and another company is leaving the state in hopes of a better economic environment.

Months of speculation have come to an end as California-based Meta Platforms Inc. — the parent company of Facebook — recently leased the entire commercial half of Sixth and Guadalupe, the 66-story high-rise under construction that will be Austin's tallest building when finished.

Meta confirmed to Austin Business Journal that it leased 589,000 square feet of office space across 33 floors at Sixth and Guadalupe, located downtown at 400 W. Sixth St. The lease was signed Dec. 31.

“We first came to Austin over 10 years ago with just seven employees, now over 2,000 of us are proud to call Austin home. We’re committed to Austin and look forward to growing here together,” Katherine Shappley, head of Meta's Austin office and vice president for commerce customer success, said in a statement.

Several companies and even people have made similar moves. Oracle, Elon Musk and Tesla, and others have left California's unbearable environment and economy to better lands. I actually know people personally who have made similar moves. One man who has a large family left California for Arkansas and another left California for Tennessee. Both are much happier.

The challenge is going to be preserving these better lands by not coming to these states and voting for bozos like Gavin Newsom who run the state into the ground with their policies and extremely high taxes.

Austin Business Journal

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