EPIC! CNN Anchor Attacks Chris Cuomo for Ignoring His Brother's Scandal

It's a great day when you see liberals attacking liberals. I don't mean that in a way of violence, but with words.

That's exactly what happened last week after the news broke about Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Brian Stelter has called out Chris Cuomo for his silence about his brother and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after the NY Attorney General announced that they have found evidence of sexual harassment committed by the governor.

“There’s no relationship quite like it in politics or media: A pair of brothers, one governing the fourth-biggest state in the country, the other hosting one of the most prominent shows on cable TV. Right now, both men are standing in a very bright spotlight,” Stelter wrote in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter.

Let me just interject here and say what a joke it is for Stelter to say that Cuomo has one of the most prominent shows on cable TV. If we're talking about shows in general, this is WAY off because you have a ton of shows that get more viewers.

Rating for CNN were recently released and for a week straight, their average viewership remained under 1 million.

If he's simply talking about cable news...well, he's still way off. For example, last week, of the top 10 most views shows, every single one of them was on Fox News. Of the actual days, "Tucker Carlson Tonight" claimed 5 out of 10 of the spots with "The Five" grabbing 4, and Hannity getting the number 10 spot.

Now, Cuomo has the top spot for CNN programs, but he's barely got that. Anderson Cooper is right under him.

“Chris surely has a lot to say about his brother. But for the time being he is staying silent,” Stelter wrote.

“On the air, he has sounded protective of his brother at times; bitter about the political warfare at other times; and detached from it at other times. Overall, I’d say, he sounded realistic about life as a member of his famous political family,” Stelter added.

I wonder if Stelter is just trying to deflect attention off of him. That's what savages so, they attack others, even if it's their own people to get attention off of themselves (if it's bad, unwanted attention).

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