Elon Musk's Epic Take-Down of Adam Schiff's Slime-Slinging

When it became a rumor that Elon Musk was wanting to buy Twitter, the progressive left became livid. They claimed that it signaled the "end of democracy," without providing any reason for this assertion.

In reality, their fear was that Musk's ownership of the platform would expose the censorship and corruption that had been happening for years.

As a "free speech absolutist," Musk's ownership of Twitter would prevent the progressive left from silencing opposing viewpoints. While the extent of the censorship and corruption is unknown, many conservatives believe that it exists.

Well, just a few short weeks after the “Chief Twit” took over the reins at Twitter, the door to transparency has been flung wide open. Through multiple journalists, Musk has gradually exposed the underhanded corruption used by leftist Twitter executives to censor speech.

While clearly not alone, Twitter used the power of its platform to manipulate the 2020 presidential election. But that’s not all. Twitter and other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook squashed the public conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thousands of lives that may have been lost because productive discourse was silenced may never be known. These people are slimy rodents. One of the biggest “slime rats” in the Democrat Party is California congressman Adam Schiff.

Schiff would easily make the top-10 list of the biggest President Trump haters. He is a hateful person who has abused his power as an elected public official. Schiff has leaked critical information to the corrupt mainstream press.

He has lied and distorted the facts. Adam Schiff is truly a slimy rat. He epitomizes the scum that festers within the “D.C. deep state swamp.” But Schiff isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box. Recently, he tried to use his political influence to censor free speech.

Specifically, Schiff tried to entice social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to continue blocking former President Trump. However, a letter that Schiff sent to his fellow Marxists in the Democrat Party also got sent to a few Republicans. Oops!

But one of the biggest liars and cheats on Capitol Hill wasn’t done. Schiff decided to join the attack on Elon Musk and Twitter. Attacking Musk is the latest pet peeve of the radical left. They’re proving how nervous they are about losing control of public discourse.

Schiff tried to say that “hate speech” on Twitter is increasing since Musk took over. He threw out some random numbers. These are sort of like Schiff’s infamous “unnamed sources” shams. Schiff said that hate speech against blacks, women, Jewish people, and gays was up.

He attempted to make the post look like an official list of accurate statistics. The supposed increase in hate speech numbers was as high as 61 percent. So, Schiff makes a disturbing claim but conveniently fails to list any source for where he got these convenient statistics.

That’s because none exists. The “Chief Twit” called the slime rat out on his misleading insinuation. Musk cited factual statistics that prove hate speech has actually dropped by nearly 33 percent since the successful entrepreneur took over the reins.

In other words, Adam Schiff is lying, again! That’s all he ever does. The crooked California congressman cares nothing about what is true or what is not true. Schiff has one goal: to discredit and destroy opposition opinions.

Along with his radical leftist comrades, Schiff is ticked off that they’ve lost control of their ability to manipulate speech. Without control of Twitter, the progressive left won’t be able to bury alternative viewpoints, viewpoints and ideas that have proven to be better.

The progressive-left ideology doesn’t work. However, no one can call them out on their horrible policies that are destroying the country if no one can talk about them. The left doesn’t care about slander, pornography, or child exploitation.

All that was censored were the ideas and opinions that don’t align with their radical Marxist agenda. Democrats are mum about the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story because it allowed “their boy” to cheat his way into the White House.

The trove of incriminating evidence being exposed with the “Twitter Files” is proving what conservatives have said all along. Big Tech, with help from corrupt officials within the federal government, was censoring free speech.

The left thinks they’re the only ones who get to decide what acceptable speech is. That is a dangerous road to venture down. It’s exactly what George Orwell warned us about. First, Big Brother will tell you what to say. Soon afterwards, Americans will be told what to think.

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