Elon Musk Hints at Launching a New Social Media Platform, But May Have a Better Idea

All of our big social media networks are managed by liberal zealots. Conservative values are despised by them. These extremists in Silicon Valley profess to be proponents of free speech. The opposite is true, however.

Open debate that contradicts liberal ideology is stifled by social media and massive digital behemoths. Conservative viewpoints are censored. Users who they don't like are shadowbanned by social media companies like Twitter and Facebook. They are protected by US Section 230.

There is a host of so-called fact-checkers who have no interest in the facts. These kowtowing liberal puppets simply censor or deactivate voices they do not agree with. Most understand what is happening. Most don’t like it. However, one man has the financial ability to do something.

Recently, Elon Musk hinted that he may take on one social media giant, Twitter. There are others who believe the richest man in the world should consider a different strategy. Developing a competitive social media platform from scratch would be extremely challenging.

There might be an even better solution. Clay Travis thinks Musk should just buy Twitter. That would open up control of a social media outlet with over 36 million daily users in the U.S. alone. Around 80 percent of the tweets in America are generated by the top 10 percent of users.

Certainly, the censor-happy, cancel culture liberals would lose their minds. However, “under new management”, would be a welcome breath of fresh air for conservatives. Let’s look at a few reasons why taking over an existing social media platform like Twitter makes more sense.

• Existing User Base: There is no accounting for the massive user base that already exists on outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. The numbers are in the millions worldwide.
• Existing Revenue Base: Along with an existing user base, there is also an existing source of revenue. Some may leave with a change in ownership. However, money still drives corporate decisions, so expect the majority to remain.
• Algorithms Established: While certain manipulative algorithms would be corrected, the bulk of what runs social media platforms such as Twitter would continue without missing a beat.
• Reduce Competition: Adding a completely new social media platform would add another player to the game. Buying one of the existing platforms outright would maintain the current competitive balance without a marketing push to lure new users.

A large percentage of people are reluctant to change. When they become comfortable with something, they are prone to stay with it no matter how uncomfortable things become. That’s probably how many conservatives feel about the current options on social media.

If conservative voices were gifted with a platform that no longer censored or shadowbanned them, they would celebrate. But liberal-leaning users will not automatically just quit. Eventually, these users may see how refreshing actual free speech and freedom of choice really are.

Clearly, Elon Musk hinted at launching something different. What that platform would look like or how it would evolve is unknown. But there is another viable option for the richest man on the planet. He could easily buy up an existing and already popular social media giant.

Such a deal could breathe new life into online social interaction that’s been suffocated by liberal censorship. Musk was correct when he referred to Twitter as “the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy.”

It is, and it does. Elon Musk said he could build a better spaceship, and he did. He said he could build a better electric car, and he did. Maybe now he’ll build a better social media platform, or better yet, just retool one that already exists. He can. Everyone should hope he does.

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