Elon Musk: “Almost Every Conspiracy Theory Thought to Be True on Twitter Turns Out Is True”

In today's society, it is common for any information or ideas that challenge the dominant progressive narrative to be dismissed as false or lies. Those who share or discuss these topics are often labeled as conspiracy theorists, and may even be accused of being bigots or racists.

It has become difficult for people who hold alternative viewpoints to express them openly, as they are often silenced or ostracized by those who adhere to the progressive agenda. This can be seen in the way that certain stories or events are labeled as conspiracies, even when there is evidence to support them.

For example, when the New York Post published a story about a laptop belonging to a presidential candidate's son, they were accused of being Russian agents, and the story itself was dismissed as a conspiracy. Similarly, there have been heated debates about how medical professionals have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, with some people claiming that certain actions or decisions were motivated by conspiracy theories.

Anytime a person questioned the efficacy of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus, despite scientific evidence to prove otherwise, they were shut down. Americans who questioned the COVID-19 vaccine had their accounts suspended.

Posts and stories about the crisis happening at the U.S. southern border got buried. Whatever talking points the progressive left wanted people to see about skyrocketing inflation were allowed. Ideas that differed with what the left wanted to be said were diluted or blocked.

The list of ideas and discussions that were censored is astounding. When Elon Musk took over Twitter, one key platform for sharing ideas and information was exposed. While virtually every news and social media outlet participated in the cover-up, Twitter’s involvement was alarming.

Not only did a private company censor communications and subvert the idea of free speech, but what Twitter did was at the beckoning of the federal government. According to Twitter’s new CEO, “almost every conspiracy theory that people had about Twitter turned out to be true.”

The amount of evidence that investigations have revealed should startle every American. What happened at Twitter, and certainly other big tech giants such as Google and Facebook, is the biggest attack on the First Amendment in U.S. history.

Never before has the federal government intervened in the business of a publicly held company. The U.S. intelligence community both spied on and targeted a specific group of Americans. Every conservative who had a hunch they were being targeted was correct. They were.

Even the most minimal Twitter user, an everyday American who had an opinion, was either buried, banned, or outright suspended. There are those who insist the same practices were used on Facebook and on Google’s YouTube.

The notion that the federal government (specifically the progressive left in Washington, D.C.) was censoring citizens was proclaimed to be a wild-eyed insane conspiracy. It wasn’t. People, predominately those who had a different opinion, were simply shut down.

Free speech was anything but free. Americans were free to talk about and share about what the corrupt federal government wanted them to share. Anything else was taboo. Again, this is the greatest assault on the First Amendment in history.

Since free speech is the cornerstone of American democracy, as well, this is the greatest attack on that democracy. Never before has a select group of self-entitled elites gone so far as to bury a whole segment of our society. This is “big brother.”

Rest assured, if something isn’t done about what is now known, the same kinds of things will repeat themselves. If drastic changes aren’t made, Americans will eventually say enough. If this is allowed to continue, the situation will get truly ugly. We’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

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