Elementary School Receives Backlash After Parents Learned What Teacher Did with Students

In the name of diversity, the radical left has been trying to push their immoral ideologies on everyone. This goes for children as well. They equally believe that children should be taught this garbage, even in elementary school.

What recently happened in a classroom at a Utah elementary school has definitely crossed the line, but the parents are fighting back.

According to The Daily Wire,

A school district in Utah is suspending its “equity book bundles” program after receiving backlash from parents when a third-grade teacher read a book about a transgender boy to young students without parental permission.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a student of Horizon Elementary brought the book, “Call Me Max,” from home and asked the teacher to read it aloud.

The Amazon description of “Call Me Max” reads:

When Max starts school, the teacher hesitates to call out the name on the attendance sheet. Something doesn’t seem to fit. Max lets her know the name he wants to be called by–a boy’s name. This begins Max’s journey as he makes new friends and reveals his feelings about his identity to his parents. Written with warmth and sensitivity by trans writer Kyle Lukoff, this book is a sweet and age-appropriate introduction to what it means to be transgender.

However, some students mentioned the book and discussion to their families. Some families then called the district and were reportedly “angry that the book was shared with their kids without permission.”

To insist that a child will accept ideas and beliefs just because we teach them, goes beyond educational arrogance. When it is done without the knowledge or permission of the child's parents, it crosses the line of ethical conduct by our educators.

Other parents in the US must follow the example of those who spoke out against the Murray School District policy in Utah. With a seemingly unwavering degree of entitlement, proponents of diversity and inclusion are an unappeasable voice.

One extremely important thing could come out of the Murray School District event. Parents should awaken to the fact that if they do not want their children taught ideologies and beliefs that differ vastly from their personal family values, they must speak out.

If parents are going to insist that their children stay in public school then they better be prepared to keep fighting because it's going to be a long hard-fought battle.

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