Electric Vehicles About to Get Zapped in Switzerland

While Switzerland has been a haven for EV drivers up until now, that could all change if the Swiss government has its way. Recently, the government proposed a ban on electric vehicles in the event of an energy crisis, which given the situation between Ukraine and Russia is quite likely this winter.

According to Daily Mail,

The country gets around 60 per cent of its energy from hydroelectric power stations, such as dams across rivers or generators placed between lakes.

Around a third of its power comes from nuclear, which the government has committed to phasing out, and the remaining comes from a mixture of traditional fossil fuel plants and solar or wind generation.

Overall, Switzerland produces enough electricity each year to keep the lights on - but that statistic masks huge discrepancies month-to-month.

Because hydropower relies on rainfall and snow melt to top up rivers and reservoirs, it naturally increases during spring and summer but falls off in autumn and winter.

That means the Swiss export large amounts of power to neighbouring nations during the warmer, wetter months and import through the colder months.

The contingency plan for the nation can be broken down into two distinct categories: crisis and emergency. The first level contains three levels of restrictions, and the second tier has two levels of restrictions.

According to the supply level, Swiss officials will activate each tier and level. Buildings will only be able to be heated to a maximum of 20 degrees Celsius, which is 68 degrees Fahrenheit to us Americans.  Electric vehicles will only be used for necessary trips as the situation worsens, and in the worst case, concerts and athletic events won't be held anymore.

While the proposal is still in its early stages and has yet to be approved by their government, it has nonetheless caused quite a stir among EV owners and enthusiasts in Switzerland.

It's clear that the world is not ready for a civilization where electric vehicles dominate the market. The energy grid just cannot handle it.

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