Effective or Not Effective - Two Very Different Stories Being Told About Vaccines

Is the vaccine safe or not? Is it effective or not? Is the Delta variant worse or not?

There is just so much misinformation out there it's hard to tell fact from fiction anymore.

You've probably seen the data that the mainstream media has been feeding us that something like 90% of new COVID cases are coming from unvaccinated people.

The problem is that they don't actually release these real numbers, they just spout them off as though they're true. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, we just honestly don't have the information to make a decision for ourselves as to whether this is factual or not.

You have some information like this that suggests that people who are vaccinated are getting hospitalized at a higher rate than non-vaccinated individuals.

But that's not what we keep seeing in the news.

On top of that, some countries that don't have as much of a political agenda as the U.S. does have reported that those in hospitals in Israel are OVERWHELMINGLY vaccinated individuals.

The director of Israel’s leading center for respiratory care, Dr. Kobi Haviv, shared an important update with the Jewish State’s own Channel 13 news concerning breakthrough cases of COVID among their vaccinated population.

In Israel, between 85 and 90 percent of vaccinated people make up all new hospitalizations and account for about 95 percent of “severe” cases at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Dr. Haviv is saying that one patient infected is spreading the virus to “a large number of people” and that it’s not just an intermittent thing, but it’s happening quite frequently.

According to Israeli health officials, the majority of their people have been fully vaccinated, up to 85 percent of those who are eligible to get vaccinated. From the estimated 9.3 million Israeli citizens, around 5.8 million of them have received at least one jab and 5.4 million are fully vaccinated.

Even though a majority of Israelis have gotten vaccinated, their country has experienced a fast jump in cases that have revealed equal to or more positive tests daily than the same time last year.

This is why I say it is so difficult to parse out fact from fiction. In my opinion, it's not too hard to parse out if you take into consideration who might be lying to us and who stands to gain from it.

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