DUMBING DOWN AMERICA: Kamala Harris Announces More Than Just Pronouns During Meeting

“I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit,” Kamala Harris uttered during a meeting with several others to discuss abortion.

Yes, you read that right. That's literally what she said. Watch this:

What the hell? Literally...what the hell? What kind of crap is this? Is this really the direction that we want to head down as a country? Do we really want to be in such a state that we have to state the obvious things that people can see with their own eyes just to be able to have a conversation with someone?

And I can understand the whole idea of saying her pronouns she and her. I think it's ridiculous and it's unnecessary, but I at least understand why she's doing it. The fact that she is stating that she's a woman, well that's something else that we can talk about as well because apparently liberals don't even understand what a woman is and are entirely unable to define it. So, I would like to actually know why she considers herself to be a woman. What is it about her that makes her a woman?

But the most ridiculous part of this is the fact that she said that she is sitting at a table wearing a blue suit. Why was that even necessary? I don't think she even realizes how much of a full she appears to be in front of all these people by saying such ridiculous and obvious things. Can she identify her suit is a different color if she wants to? Can the suit identify as something else? Is sitting at a table a matter of identity now and that we can simply claim what we are doing regardless of reality? Can I claim that I'm actually sitting on the beach right now having a margarita?

What's more sad is that they all did this.

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