Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Has A BIG QUESTION for Maricopa County Officials...(VIDEO)

Maricopa County, Arizona, has been an important key to unearthing the truth behind the fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election. A forensic audit of the results from this critical piece to the puzzle has produced many alarming discoveries.

Nevertheless, there has been an overwhelming attempt to try to ignore anything that helps prove the obvious. Democrats stole the presidency from President Trump. Many are beginning to realize how it was done. Maricopa County isn’t the only evidence of “the steal”.

However, the radical leftist mainstream media refuses to discuss the obvious. In fact, the propaganda spewing bullhorns for the Democrat Party continue to insist that anyone who mentions voter fraud, as obvious as these facts are, is perpetrating the “big lie”.

The fake news mainstream media are the “big lie”. The more they try to B.S. the American public, the deeper the hole they dig for themselves. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, the man credited with email as we know it today, produced a live stream talking about these strange irregularities.

One key part of the four-hour discussion was about the more than 6,000 ballots that are mysteriously missing a corresponding image. Dr. Shiva insisted that these 6,545 ballots are a suspicious missing part of the report. No one is screaming about some crazed conspiracy.

All people are asking is an explanation of why these numbers do not match up. By not giving an answer at all, Maricopa County officials look even complicit in “the steal”, which they are. Liz Harrington is now the Chief Spokesperson for President Trump, beginning early in 2021. Harrington tweeted, “Why are there 6,545 more early voting ballots than the images?”

“That's a question.” She is not insinuating anything. She’s asking a logical question. Harrington just wants to know where these critical, election-changing ballots came from. Why can’t, or won’t, the officials from Maricopa County provide simple answers to a simple question

All they do is continue to hide behind their fake news accomplices to perpetrate the real “big lie”. Maricopa County officials have been exposed for deleting voter data ahead of an audit by Senators. Now they refuse to give answers to simple, straight-forward questions.

The liberal Democrats keep trying to label all questions about irregularities found during the 2020 Presidential election as “promoting the big lie”. It’s growing more and more undeniable what the “big lie” really is. The “big lie” is the 2020 Presidential Election. It was stolen, and with it one of the most cherished parts of democracy was snatched from every American citizen.

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