Dr. Redfield Throws Fauci Under the Bus

Just more than three years ago, a deadly virus began spreading across the world like wildfire. Since then, SARS-CoV-2 has killed nearly 7 million people globally. Over 100 million Americans got the COVID-19. More than 1 million of those Americans died. The COVID-19 pandemic was the worst health crisis in more than a century.

But what has Americans now even angrier than lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and mask mandates is how the whole catastrophe started. The American public was told the virus almost assuredly emerged naturally. We were informed with great confidence that the pandemic started innocently in a Chinese wet market. Many were highly suspicious of this.

Nationally recognized scientists even insisted the likelihood of COVID-19 being spawned in nature was impossible. However, through the efforts of one man, anyone suggesting that the virus came from some source other than nature was shut down. The man was the leading epidemiologist in the United States. Americans looked to Dr. Anthony Fauci for answers.

People were getting sick and dying. Americans wanted truthful answers. The public trusted him. Now, as evidence of the true origin of the virus emerges, it is obvious that Dr. Fauci lied. Fauci even pressured those scientific minds who knew the truth to change their story. Since, evidence has been uncovered that shows these people were paid off in grants to keep their mouths shut.

What Dr. Anthony Fauci did was to commit the worst cover-up, the most heinous crime, in modern medical history. Fauci used the power of his office to silence anyone who disagreed with his narrative. He even refused to allow the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Dr. Robert Redfield, to be part of internal discussions about the origin.

During testimony before a House Subcommittee on the origins of COVID-19, Dr. Redfield essentially threw Fauci under the bus. Redfield provided astonishingly accurate evidence to show why he NEVER thought the virus emerged naturally. Recounting his early investigations into the virus, he said, “I immediately said, wait a second, this isn’t natural.”

Now we know why. Fauci was fervently trying to hide the true origins. The reasons are now clear. Fauci, through the federal agency he was in charge of, had dumped U.S. taxpayer dollars into research at a Chinese virology lab. The lab had long been accused of inept and inadequate safety protocols. However, Fauci was helping fund extremely dangerous research.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology was using gain-of-function research in an effort to make naturally occurring viruses more deadly. Many believe the research was part of a biological weapon program by the Chinese military. It’s from this shoddy lab that a deadly virus leaked. New evidence shows the earliest cases of COVID-19 began long before they were first reported.

Workers at the Chinese lab were getting sick months before the first reported case emerged. China knew exactly what was going on. Some feel strongly that the leak wasn’t an accident. But what Anthony Fauci did once America became aware there was a deadly virus floating around was unconscionable. He immediately started to cover up the truth.

Through his criminal actions, Anthony Fauci caused unknown deaths. By blocking the CDC director from voicing his professional opinions, Fauci was able to keep his culpability a secret. However, Republicans have launched an intense investigation into the origins of COVID-19. Most believe the obvious. It came from the Wuhan lab. The FBI and U.S. Department of Energy wholeheartedly agree!

Whether or not China purposefully unleashed this death and destruction remains to be seen. We may never know that truth. But we now know something definitive. Anthony Fauci has purposefully lied. He is a criminal and should be treated as such. For all the deaths he caused, Dr. Anthony Fauci should spend the rest of his life in lockdown, behind bars!

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