Dr. Oz States The Obvious, How To Create A DIY Vaccine To Avoid Covid-19

With the mass hysteria globally from the Coronavirus people have been ACTUALLY started washing their hands it seems. Or at least keeping good hygiene.

Kinda scary, I mean isn't it normal? This is why not much has changed in my household. We wash our hands, shower, put shoes at the door when coming in, and wash our clothes. Apparently this is a new thing to most Americans cause they are so terrified of catching this virus.

Imagine how much less you would hear of people getting the Flu if they kept this very normal simple routine up? They would get sick maybe once a year.

Well, Dr. Oz explained to Fox News that the one thing you can do to keep the pandemic out of your home and system is WASHING YOUR HANDS up to 50% effective he says.

Meanwhile, a vaccine is being tested but may not be available until the next wave.

According to Fox News:

While a vaccine to combat the spread of the coronavirus remains months away from approval, taking the proper precautions at home can reduce virus transmission by nearly 50 percent, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Joining “Fox & Friends Sunday,” Oz answered many of the questions surrounding the novel outbreak, emphasizing the importance of handwashing and social distancing after reports on Sunday estimated the number of infected cases in the U.S. surged to nearly 3,000 nationwide – up from the less than 500 cases recorded in the country at the start of the week.

“Washing your hands alone is probably a 50 percent reduction in virus transmission,” Oz said. “It’s a DIY vaccine … it’s that powerful … that’s the best way to stay out of it … but,” he emphasized, “the most important thing is social distancing.”

Heres a tip on how to wash them:

It is all common sense. Just wash your hands after using the toilet, touching gas pumps, touching very public items, etc. Or simply carry some sanitizer for those times without water in your vehicle. Also, Don't touch your face without making sure you have sanitized or washed your hands.

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