Dr. Oz Stabs Trump in the Back After He Held Massive Rally for Him (VIDEO)

When you think you finally have reason to have faith in humanity because someone else is challenging the mainstream media, something like this comes along and dashes your hopes.

Rallies can have a significant impact on elections. So what does Dr. Oz do to express his gratitude to President Trump for organizing a rally in his support? He stabs him in the back.

President Trump held a large event on Saturday night in Pennsylvania in support of Republican candidates Mastriano for governor and Dr. Mehmet Oz for US Senate.

Both candidates expect tough races in Pennsylvania.

Dr. Mehmet Oz told reporters on Tuesday that if he had been serving in the Senate at the time of the Pennsylvania 2020 election, he would not have challenged the results.

This was a slap in the face to both the state and the Trump supporters.

On election night in 2020, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by a margin of 790,000.

The election for Joe Biden was then stolen by Democrats after they sealed the doors to the voting booths and forged over a million ballots.

Dr. Oz, regrettably, is okay with this.

On election night and in the days that follow, when Democrats will undoubtedly repeat the tactic this year, he won't feel that way.

Evidently, Dr. Oz is likewise fine with Pennsylvania legislators, not the legislature, determining the state's election laws.

Dr. Oz might be a better choice than the communist Fetterman, but it is obvious that he will vote with Mitch McConnell as another RINO in the US Senate.

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