Dr. Bright Slams Trump Saying He Hasn't Done A Good Job And Ignored THIS

I'm sure we are all so sick and tired hearing so many people bully Trump saying they could do better, he's creating chaos, or that he isn't able to handle hard situations.

The man has been under strenuous stress from all the haters and naysayers. Id lose my mind!

According to Politico:

Trump defenders were nowhere to be found in the House hearing room because they declined to send someone, giving Bright hours of air time and a news cycle’s worth of headlines.

“I believe Americans need to be told the truth,” Bright testified in a hastily convened House subcommittee hearing — armed with a canister of Lysol wipes and seated next to an attorney. “And I believe that the best scientific advice and guidance was not being conveyed to the American public” in the early days of the pandemic.

Bright’s quotes could easily end up in campaign ads or attacks from Joe Biden, which is why Trump has tried to portray Bright as a disgruntled outgoing employee.

Bright — who alleges that he was abruptly removed as director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority in April because he opposed political pressures linked to malaria drugs — is the first official to actively undermine the president’s claims that the administration has done a “great job” handling the response.

“By not telling America the truth … people were not as prepared as they could have been and should have been,” Bright testified. “We did not forewarn people. We did not train people. We did not educate them on social distancing and wearing a mask as we should have in January and February.”

Bright also testified that he and his team faced pressure from political appointees after President Donald Trump in March began touting malaria drugs like hydroxychloroquine not proven to treat Covid-19, despite scant evidence and at the urging of his allies.

Let's just let Mr. know it all aka Bright talk it up. He is blowing steam up the Lefts booty. We all know any person in Trump's shoes wouldn't be perfect but definitely wouldn't get so much hate or drama pushed towards him. They are all just pure drama. I'm proud of our President.

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