'Don't Charge Your Cars' - Electric Vehicles Being Targets Amid Energy Grid Overload

Get an electric vehicle they said. It'll be cheaper, they said. It's better for the environment, they said. While the day-to-day energy consumption is definitely cheaper right now for electric vehicles, I don't believe for a second that it will remain this way.

Right now, only a small number of car owners actually have an electric vehicle. And what are we experiencing? Well, the cars are now being the target of concern as the energy grid is being overloaded right now during our energy crisis stemming from the Biden regime and the blistering hot summer we're currently experiencing.

Tesla has actually asked owners who live in Texas not to even charge their cars during this current heat wave in order to help avoid blackouts. The power grid in Texas is failing and has been doing so for some time.

I was actually watching a video clip of a weatherman giving the weather live when the power went out. He notes that this wasn't the first time that it has happened either.

So, Elon wants to sell cars that you charge as home, but asks that you don't charge them. He wants people to come back to the office to work, but you can't charge your car to get there. Look, overall, I like Elon, but this is a joke. That sounds like something a politician would ask people to do.

What do they expect people to do when Democrats finally succeed in eliminating fossil fuels and we shift toward more renewable resources? There is no way that the grid could keep up if they can't even keep up now.

Moreover, I can tell you what the end result of this electric vehicle mess is going to be and that's an astronomical increase in the cost of electricity because it will be in so much demand.

Here's my advice...even if you don't have an electric car right now, I would consider getting yourself a solar energy set up for your own property because when that day comes, you'll not have to worry about the cost of electricity, and you won't have to worry about the grid.

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