Donald Trump Jr. The Bidens Are The MOST CORRUPT POLITICAL FAMILY In American History

Donald Trump Jr. posted a video on twitter of him calling out the entire Biden family, and he even starts off by saying, "The Biden family is the most corrupt political family in American history."

Donald Trump Jr. then talks about Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and how he was discharged from the U.S. Navy for testing positive for cocaine and all kinds of other stuff the biden family doesn't want you to know, like how Hunter Biden had a baby with a sex worker while he was dating his late brother's wife and refused to pay chiled support untill it was court ordered.

He also talked about how Joe Biden and his son Hunter traveled to China for buiness meetings with top communist chinese officials.

But Donald Trump Jr. dosnt just focus Hunter Biden he on goes on about to talk about Jim Biden and James Biden and how corrupt the rest of the family is and how their shady business with foreign countrys have made the Biden family millions.

According to Wayne Dupree

Nowadays, all conservatives have to get clever and come up with ways to bypass the massive liberal censorship that’s being swung around like a hammer.

As we all know by now, the story on Joe’s son and his shady business dealings was censored and today’s “Part 2” involving the same “pay-to-play” scam involving China was also squashed.

But there’s a story to be told and the American people deserve to hear it and make up their own minds…so Don Jr. has come up with a way to do that, and it’s gone mad viral.

Jr. put together a video highlighting the scams and scandals from that guy (and his son) who’s running against President Trump.

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