Donald Trump for Speaker of the House In 2022? Here's the Latest

Proud Americans, millions of patriotic U.S. citizens, have stepped up to support the hopes and concerns embodied by “Make America Great Again”. Americans who supported the MAGA ideas, visions for the nation embraced by President Donald Trump, have been ridiculed and dismissed as deplorable.

Well, it appears that a wave of resistance to the radical, lying liberal agenda is beginning to grow. Donald Trump’s cheating political adversaries may be looking at an angry backlash. One such supporter of the successful Trump presidency is U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz.

The Florida congressman is eager to reinstall the 45th President’s influence back in Washington, D.C. In an interview with the Real Americans Voice (RAV), Gaetz said, “I will nominate Donald Trump for Speaker of the House when we retake it in 2022”.

Sure, there are some things that need to unfold before that can happen. Nevertheless, it is a completely plausible idea. In his interview with RAV’s Dr. Gina Loudon, Gaetz laid a foundation for why he thinks President Trump is stronger among conservatives than he was back in 2016.

This notion that President Trump could be Speaker of the House, even ahead of a 2024 run to retake the White House, has been whispered within conservative circles almost since the last suspicious vote was counted in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Gaetz has even caused some to speculate that he could potentially be President Trump’s next VP running mate. The vocal Florida congressman discounts such rumors. Gaetz insists that he will do whatever is requested of him.

However, if he had his choice, Gaetz would relish the opportunity to be President Trump’s appointee as Attorney General. Nevertheless, Gaetz’s first goal is to help pull President Trump back into Washington. He sees an open window of opportunity to do this sooner than later.

As conservatives join forces to retake control of the House of Representatives, President Trump on a midterm ticket would excite the Republican base. With a successful campaign for U.S. Congressman, President Trump could then reconfirm that he is the leader of the party, and consequently assume the role of Speaker.

What might happen next could help to transform Washington, D.C., and save our great nation. With control of the House, Republicans could rightfully impeach a president who honestly deserves to be removed from office. The pathway to an actual removal, the first in U.S. history if it happens, would be paved.

The whole process would also reinvigorate the Republican Party at a grassroots level. More local conservatives could win city and county government seats. This would be a tremendous push to reverse the liberal agenda that is bleeding into our communities, both large and small.

Soon, President Trump will announce his intention to resume his place as the elected leader of the Republican Party, and hopefully the nation. It will trigger one of the greatest political comebacks in history. Representative Gaetz is ready to launch that comeback, maybe sooner than some expect.

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