DOJ Video Shows Police Holding Open Doors on Jan 6

Radical leftist Democrats insist that January 6, 2021, was one of the worst days in U.S. history. If you listen to a progressive, they’d have you believe that what happened was a coup to overthrow the United States government. Supposedly, President Trump orchestrated the coup and then goaded protesters to violently storm the U.S. Capitol.

Nevertheless, if anyone watches a newly released series of DOJ videos of what really took place, they’d quickly realize this is far from what really happened. January 6 was not a coup. Neither was it an insurrection. However, what January 6 was is something completely opposite from what the left would have Americans believe.

Sure, January 6 was orchestrated with precision. But it wasn’t planned and directed at the behest of President Trump. In fact, the former president tried to forewarn Congress to prepare for a massive protest over the stolen 2020 presidential election. He knew Americans were infuriated at the way Joe Biden cheated to steal the election.

The plot started days before the “stop the steal” protests. Then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused additional protection, protection offered by President Trump. Why would she do this? Why not use extra caution? It’s because any neutral law enforcement officials or U.S. National Guard troops would immediately see what was happening.

Most Americans realize that the whole “insurrection” at the Capitol was a setup. Democrats manipulated federal law enforcement, including the Capitol Police, to create a chaotic environment. People did not know what they could do or what they were not permitted to do. Protesters were tricked into breaking the law. Police officers not only allowed protesters inside the Capitol but actually held the doors open for them to enter into the interior of the Capitol.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted as much.

Democrats had to come up with a plan to stop Republican lawmakers from presenting evidence to the American people that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. These corrupt leftists even put together a sham commission to “supposedly” investigate what happened on January 6. There was one big problem with their bogus investigation. Democrats allowed no rebuttal, no counterevidence, and even went so far as to block the public from seeing full video footage of what truly happened. Well, those videos are gradually being released, and Americans should be furious! The plot was to fabricate a riot, so President Trump would be charged with triggering an insurrection.

If he were even to be charged, it would virtually eliminate any chance of him making a successful future run for the White House. They wanted to destroy him for good. The left hates the man so terribly; they’ll go to any lengths. But this time, they overstepped the boundaries of both integrity and the rule of law.

The hundreds of Americans jailed for various crimes have been falsely charged. The guilty parties are those who planned the chaos and then allowed it to purposefully happen. We can only pray that conservatives refuse to let January 6 fade away. People must be held accountable for what amounts to a real insurrection.

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