DOJ Recommends Maximum Sentence for Steve Bannon for Defying a Sham January 6 Committee

Millions of Americans are now aware of the January 6 commission's massive fraud. It's a contrived, politically driven attempt to delegitimize President Trump and every American who backs him, and a  "third world-like scheme" is being used to imprison political dissidents.

It's been made to look like a "Hollywood courtroom drama," but it's all a farce. However, crucial components of an actual trial have been absent from the proceedings. There has been no response, and the committee has purposely declined to hear contradictory evidence.

Similarly, not a single cross-examination question has been posed to purported "witnesses." This isn’t an attempt to “investigate January 6.” The commission on January 6 is a "witch hunt", not a trial. The January 6 commission resembles a traditional lynching more than anything.

Numerous Americans remain detained while awaiting trial on petty charges. For minor offenses, dozens of people have received harsh punishments. This has been a planned attack on conservatives by the radical left.

However, this circus show’s days are numbered. When Republicans retake control of the U.S. House of Representatives, their first order of business should be to shut down this sham. The likely new House Majority Leader, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, must end this persecution.

Nevertheless, before they have their lynching committee dissolved, these Marxists are using every weapon at their disposal to attack President Trump’s supporters. They’ve even voted to subpoena the former president himself. The committee is issuing subpoenas to manipulate the system.

They’re well aware that their investigation is a politically one-sided scam. Their subpoenas are a joke. When people refuse to submit to their charade, they’re targeted in another way. Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice is in cahoots with the sham committee.

One of President Trump’s key supporters is on the committee’s hit list. They subpoenaed Steve Bannon. Bannon is a former advisor to President Trump and the host of “War Room.” He has rightfully defied the committee’s bogus request for documents and testimony.

So, what does the DOJ suggest as punishment for Bannon’s refusal to join “the circus?” Biden’s politically corrupted DOJ wants the maximum sentence, six months in jail. They are also seeking to fine Bannon $200,000. Maybe the committee will go out to lunch courtesy of Steve Bannon.

The committee said Bannon should testify because he told Americans on his podcast, “All Hell is going to break loose tomorrow.” A small guess would estimate that some 100 people or more said precise those exact words. But Steve Bannon is the only one facing the maximum for contempt.

Denounced Republican turncoat Liz Cheney and co-conspirator Bennie Thompson issued a joint statement. They said, “Just as there must be accountability for all those responsible for the events of January 6th, anyone who obstructs our investigation into these matters should face consequences.”

Bannon’s sentencing is scheduled for October 21, one year to the day that he was held in contempt. The timing isn’t a coincidence. It adds an element of Hollywood flare to the fabricated drama. Just like the January 6 committee itself, every case resulting from the sham investigation is likewise a sham.

However, while it is a circus act, the January 6 investigation is dangerous. It erased every element of a fair and impartial legal process. This is not an investigation. The January 6 committee is a persecution. These are the things that happen in third world dictatorships. Free speech is squashed.

Dissenters are cast in jail and wrongfully prosecuted. When Republicans take back control of Capitol Hill, Americans must demand answers. The January committee wasn’t only a sham and a circus; it was a politically motivated criminal assault on democracy.

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