Documents Show Ray Epps Told FBI He Expected Bomb Attack Near the Capitol on Jan 6

The FBI raid on the home of a former president has stirred up a media frenzy. The corrupt, left-leaning mainstream media portrays President Trump as the bad guy. But the real story is different. The raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence has a long history of corruption.

Americans have long been aware of the political bias within our federal law enforcement. It all started with the minimal attention given to Hillary Clinton's illegal activity. A false Russia collusion probe resulted from this corruption's escalation.

A two-year investigation into the fraud was orchestrated by the Department of Justice. Americans' confidence in the FBI and DOJ decreased as more information about their manipulation of the system came to light.

Mistrust in the FBI and Department of Justice is at an all-time high amongst the general public. Our nation is at a precarious position in its political history because of the enormous decline in public confidence in the mainstream media. The FBI must take responsibility for a lot of what happened.

For decades, they have continuously violated the people’s trust. It has not stopped. In fact, with the raid of Mar-a-Lago, FBI and DOJ abuse of power has now reached banana republic proportions.

The instances where they have manipulated investigations for political gain are startling. The supposed “kidnapping plot of Gretchen Whitmer” has turned out to be an FBI-orchestrated scam. One name in this scheme keeps suspiciously coming up in these abuses.

His name is Steven D’Antuono. D’Antuono was the lead investigator, helping to direct the hoax Whitmer kidnapping. For his dedicated corrupt service, he was promoted. D’Antuono was appointed to the D.C. FBI office.

What do you suppose his new assignment was? Steven D’Antuono was placed in charge of the FBI’s January 6 Capitol Hill investigations. Yes, the same FBI agent who helped coordinate a hoax kidnapping in Michigan is the individual responsible for the January 6 persecutions.

Do we think it’s a coincidence that FBI informants were used in a bogus attempt to entrap innocent men in Michigan, just like people are alleging happened on January 6? But if anyone says anything about the FBI’s suspicious presence on January 6, you’re an insurrectionist.

One name that has surfaced repeatedly in the January 6 investigation is Ray Epps. Epps is seen on video encouraging people to storm the Capitol. Epps has never been charged with a single crime. However, of those he enticed into breaking the law, many of whom are still in jail.

But The Epoch Times obtained even more disturbing information about Ray Epps’ January 6 role. Epps admitted to committing the same crimes that others are awaiting trial for. The FBI did not file charges, despite his open confession. Why would that be?

Maybe it’s because Epps was an FBI plant. Epps told the FBI that “I was afraid they were going to set off an explosion on one of the side streets.” How did Ray Epps know any of these details? People in the crowd on January 6 had their own suspicions.

Many were chanting, “Fed! Fed! Fed!” every time Epps screamed into his megaphone. How did Ray Epps know so many intricate details about bombs and potential terrorist activities? He knew because the FBI told him so. It was another FBI-orchestrated scam.

If this isn’t a red flag, we don’t know what is. But hang on a moment, there’s more. D’Antuono’s FBI agents were part of the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The raid was in Florida, but D’Antuono’s team works out of Washington, D.C. Does this sound like a rather strange coincidence? It’s not.

Americans’ trust in our federal law enforcement is essential. Without it, we lose a critical part of our democracy. A nation of constitutional laws will not survive corruption within its legal system. America is facing a bigger crisis than any pandemic or border calamity.

If we continue to allow our judicial system to be manipulated by corrupt progressives, our democracy will crumble. A closer examination reveals a dangerous reality. The FBI and DOJ are being weaponized for political gain. It must stop, and it must stop now!

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