DNA Test Proves a Nearly 100 Percent Likelihood of Ilhan Omar’s Incestuous Secret

Ilhan Omar is an African-born naturalized citizen. She is a member of Congress in the United States. Omar is Minnesota's representative. She is the first woman of color to get this honor. However, this is where Omar's genuineness ends and mistrust begins.

Omar claims to be a Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party member. She does not represent Minnesota farmers or laborers' best interests. She is a socialist-ideologue who belongs to the Democratic Party's most progressive faction.

The policies she advocates are the most radical in our nation. Omar wants to abolish our borders, offer free universal healthcare, even for illegal migrants, and defund our police departments. She serves as whip for the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

While she was a state representative, Omar was alleged to have violated Minnesota House rules. It was also claimed that she used campaign donations to pay for a divorce attorney. Ilhan Omar is a wild-eyed socialist radical who hates America.

There may be even darker secrets in Omar’s closet. Some accuse Omar of immigration fraud. Now, there may be proof. Apparently, people followed Ilhan Omar and her ex-husband, Ahmed Elmi, and secured DNA samples. These DNA samples show that the two are siblings.

She may be an incestuous cheat. The chances that the testing is wrong are beyond imagination. The results indicate that the probability is 99.9999 percent positive that they are brother and sister. That’s a scientific test that is virtually 100 percent correct.

If so, their marriage is a sham. Experts believe they faked the marriage so that Elmi could live in the United States and attend college. Ironically, 12 hours after posting the results online, Republican strategist Anton Lazzaro was arrested.

The charge was child sex trafficking. This seems extremely suspicious, especially considering the clandestine manner in which Omar frequently acts. Regardless, Lazzaro’s arrest doesn’t mean that the DNA results aren’t accurate.

In fact, the mysterious timing of these charges may add credence to their validity. If the story of her incestuous marriage is true, she would be guilty of immigration fraud. Omar insists that the story is not true. But of course she does.

One penalty for such immigration fraud could be deportation. Americans could only hope. Omar has continuously complained about everything that is wrong with the United States. Maybe our legal system will provide her with a strong reason to leave.

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