Disney Upcoming Blockbuster Is Already In Trouble

Four installments and four decades after the first Indiana Jones movie hit theater screens, the latest in the series has disappointed both critics and fans alike. According to reviews, the fifth installment of the iconic adventure flick, starring 80-year-old Harrison Ford, is agoofy and laborious attempt to revive the old-fashioned thrill-seeking hero.

With an estimated budget of $300 million, the newest installment of the bulging franchise has failed to deliver.

Its all pretty goofy and laborious over its 142-minute running time, Peter Howell of the Toronto Star wrote.

The Rollingstone review was even harsher. Critic David Fear wrote,Youre largely left with what you imagine youd get if you programmed a 21st century A.I. program to write up nostalgia-bait for the children of the late 20th century.

With a running time of nearly 2:30, endless chase scenes, and dazzling CGI used to create artificial thrills, critics have heavily panned the newest movie. Though Ford may still possess his iconic swagger, some malevolent reviewers have written that itbelies a geriatric Captain America struggling to carry the weight of a growing franchise.

Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair adds:One can feel the four credited writers grasping at inspiration and coming up short. What they did manage to make is not worthy of the whip.

There are murmurs of what some are callingFranchise Fatigue. Fans are growing weary of movie studios recycling now-classic franchises in silly and desperate attempts to squeeze money out of the fanbases of the past.

The newest movie is a farce compared to the original Raiders of the Lost Ark which hit theater screens in 1981 and starred the then 38-year-old Harrison Ford. Raiders gave us a thrilling hero with brains and brawn an archetypical version of the adventurer,Fear continued.What we get now is Ford on a power walk.

Though some die-hards may flock to the theaters, the newest Indiana Jones installment may mark the end of the fan-favorite character. Critics have deemed the fifth movie as a missed opportunity.

Ford still has the fortitude to play the part. But just having him show up to crack whips and crack wise in the name of bringing back that old Indy thrills-spills-chills magic isnt enough of an excuse to have him don the fedora one last time,Fear added.

For now, it seems that Fords time as the iconic hero may have come to an end, and he will live on as a testament to a long-gone age an era where the adventurer was someone that people could look up to, and the movies were something to look forward to.

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