Disney Kid's Show About Demonic Daughter Canceled Over Backlash (VIDEO)

Millions of Americans spent their early years enjoying Walt Disney's family-friendly entertainment. Disney was renowned for its "family-friendly" storylines, films, and documentaries. But how have things changed, my, oh my. Even the Disney that I grew up with  is not the Disney of today.

Along with the family-centered concepts, a child-friendly ideology has also been abandoned. It was taken away from us by Disney executives who are trying to make the company more "woke." Disney programming execs have been seen on video revealing their obscene plans for kids' shows.

An institution that was once proudly American has been destroyed by those who seek to encourage bizarre lifestyles. The majority of Americans don't mind someone else's personal life decisions. On the other hand, when these folks try to promote their strange way of life to kids, parents draw the line.

But compared to another show the business was prepared to release globally, the LGBTQ dreams of many Disney executives are insignificant. Disney originally intended to launch the FX program "Little Demon." In spite of the title, the story of "Little Demon" does not center on a mischievous child.

This show is about Satan impregnating a woman. If that’s not bad enough, the storyline revolves around Satan’s relationship with the woman’s “antichrist daughter.” This show somehow fell into the category of comedy. But even more startling, Disney thought it was acceptable for children.

Comedy, documentary, or horror cartoon, how did anyone at Disney believe this show would meet the criteria for children-approved programming? It’s difficult enough for parents to protect their children from mind-warping shows given the wave of filth they’re exposed to.

When parents can’t even trust a so-called “children’s channel,” what gives? Little Demon actually made the cut on Disney+ in Australia and New Zealand. Reports say that Disney had expectations of releasing this satanic filth in other markets.

What’s strange is that the storyline follows the woman and her antichrist daughter’s life. That life revolves around attempting to appear ordinary while living in Delaware. Could there be an underlying plot we don’t know about? Might the little antichrist daughter really be an antichrist son?

Actually, might Satan be someone using evil to seize control of the most powerful nation on earth? Now, we won’t drop any names, but one look at Hunter Biden, and we see visions of a perfect antichrist role model. With the way things are going in America, “the big guy” really could be Satan!

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