Disney Blatantly Lies About Florida Bill Protecting Parents' Rights

In America, there is a weird cultural shift taking place. It's upsetting to anyone paying attention. America is under attack from a gang of radicals who seek to alter our country's essential beliefs. This assault is centered on parental rights.

It makes no difference that the majority of Americans reject many of these radical ideas. Too many people have their heads buried in the sand, assuming that it would never impact them. That's a bad precedent to set.

The woke left's campaign to indoctrinate children on sexual orientation and gender identity is one of the most outrageous efforts. It's unsettling. Florida passed legislation to prevent woke educators from imposing their socialist agenda on kids.

Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 1557 into law. Florida’s parents and voters alike support this bill. However, Disney, the poster child for the woke culture, is pushing a bizarre narrative that chastises the bill for somehow restricting gay rights.

It does not. HB 1557 does nothing of the sort. It simply leaves the discussion of gender identity and sexuality questions where they should be, in the home. But that isn’t stopping Disney’s radical LGBTQ executives.

In a leaked video, one gay Disney executive falsely attacks the Parental Rights in Education Act. Latoya Raveneau, a Disney Executive Producer, proudly proclaimed her ambition to stamp anything she could with “as much queerness as possible”. Her rant was rather creepy.

This was an alarming attack on parental rights that every parent in America should watch. It was both insulting and scary. These freaks are trying to push their lifestyle on everyone, beginning with our children.

This anti-American agenda is coming from a trusted source of children’s programming. What does it say about the state of America when parents can no longer trust Disney? FOX News’ Harris Faulkner voiced her disappointment at Disney’s radical behavior.

But Faulkner spoke directly to parenting when she said, “But if you leave it to other people to do it for you, anything can happen.” Faulkner insisted that this recently leaked rant by a Disney executive proves that “parents can no longer trust things they have long trusted.” It is sad.

It’s hard to imagine the beloved Walt Disney would allow this type of situation to ever happen under his watch. The FOX News Outnumbered co-host said she would no longer allow her kids to go to Disney World unsupervised.

The left knows that allowing teachers to intervene in such sensitive children’s issues is unpopular with parents. So what do they do? They lie about the legislation. The left is calling HB 1557 the “You Can’t Say Gay” bill.

Anyone who takes the time to even scan HB 1557, let alone read it word-for-word, will immediately realize this is not true. It is a bogus attempt to sway public opinion for those who are too lazy to investigate the truth for themselves. Actually, we should be ashamed.

The idea that HB 1557 is anti-gay legislation is the opposite of the truth. It is a fabricated lie. Disney is a huge donor to an entity called the Human Rights Campaign. The initial aim of the HRC was to push legislation to allow same-sex marriage.

A few years ago, HRC accomplished their goal. Every state in the country must now acknowledge same-sex marriage. It is the law. So what is their new agenda? Why does the HRC still exist, apparently with an increasing budget?

The HRC still exists because it is a tool of the radical left. Whatever needs funding or vocal support is now under its umbrella of pet peeve projects. Disney is one of HRC’s biggest donors. Surprised to find out that Disney now adamantly supports gay rights over parent’s rights?

You shouldn’t be. Each of these delusional objectives has an underlying theme. They support the push for control by big government and big corporations in American life. This agenda gets derailed when parents can maintain control of their children minds.

If so, their agenda will not work. The causes they so passionately support, even though a majority of Americans do not endorse them, are their only focus. The American family does not matter. If core American family values must die to realize these radical changes, then so be it.

This insanity bleeds into the government-controlled mainstream media. We are watching as the minority, driven by freak lifestyles, is now in charge of both setting policy and educating our children. It is a scary thought.

But how should parents respond to this assault on our children? Do exactly what Florida parents have done. They support a common-sense piece of legislation that will hold these freaks accountable if they violate the law, “even if the oligarchs at the Mouse Company don’t like it.”

If companies such as Disney are allowed to continue with such deplorable assaults on children, what will stop them from pushing for greater control over our lives? If kids can decide to change their sexual identity without even consulting their parents, what’s next, choosing new parents?

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