Disaster for Prince Andrew: Judge Orders Makes Ruling in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

All too frequently, wealthy elites avoid paying for their crimes. It’s a disturbing reality. Many of these well-to-does have amassed spectacular fortunes. Others come from a so-called “royal lineage”. However, one wealthy royal may have lost his ability to avoid his day in court.

In August, Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew, The Duke of York. Initially, the smug elite claimed some kind of royal privilege. Virginia Giuffre’s case is one intermingled with the sexual scandal of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew had originally asserted that Giuffre, like other plaintiffs in the Epstein trial, signed away their right to further prosecute. Well, a New York judge had some bad news for Prince Andrew. He disagrees.

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan has ordered the 61-year-old Duke of York to stand trial. In Giuffre’s lawsuit, she alleges she was forced to have sex with the Prince multiple times, while she was underage. Logically, Prince Andrew denies the allegations. They all do.

The trial is set to begin next September. It will certainly set the Prince back a few million in attorney fees. However, according to reports, it may cost him a lot more than just money. Prince Andrew’s legal team tried a multitude of tricks to get the case thrown out of court.

His lawyers even tried to make wild accusations that Giuffre is not even a U.S. citizen. That bogus attempt to avoid justice seems like a red flag. However, it’s an eventual “white flag” of surrender that may happen sooner than later.

In addition to costing a great deal of money, that evidently the Prince will need to borrow from the Queen, Prince Andrew could be exiled from the royal family. How heartbreaking that would be. What does an elitist do once they are no longer an elitist? This seems like a pitiful excuse.

The settlement between Epstein and Giuffre was unsealed ahead of the lawsuit. The settlement specifically doesn’t prevent Giuffre from pursuing charges against “royalty” as the Prince’s lawyers allege. Consequently, sources close to the royal family hope Prince Andrew will settle.

A drawn-out court case could expose a few dark secrets about others in the royal circle. Like many of the elites in the world, money can often be used to avoid justice. It would be nice if Giuffre refused to settle. Let the chips fall where they may.

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