Democrats Outperform Expectations and This is Exactly Why...

Well, I don't think that it's any secret now but the Republican red wave that was expected to roll in for the midterm elections never showed up. To be quite honest, it doesn't come as too much of a shock to me seeing the direction that this country has been going for some time now, but it is depressing, nonetheless.

One of the biggest takeaways that I have from the results of the election is really just the same thing that I've been saying for years now and that is that Democrats have no morals at all. They really do not care who their candidate is as long as that person is on their side of the aisle. That's really the only criteria that they have.

Do you want a perfect example of this? Look no further than Colorado. Lauren Boebert is currently losing her race in Colorado to Adam Frisch. Are those of you who do not know who Adam is, but he's just a Democrat who was recently caught having sex in the storage locker with a woman and that woman was not his wife. Yet this is the guy who's winning the election. And why? All because Lauren Boebert is a staunch supporter of President Trump.

For decades now Democrats have been winning. I don't mean that they've just been winning elections because they don't win every one of them. But they're winning something that's much bigger and that's the future. When you look at the breakdown of age groups you'll see that there is a very large discrepancy between voters for Democrats and voters for Republicans among the age group that's under 30 years old. And these people hold our future in their hands.

According to the Daily Wire,

“The national youth vote choice for the U.S. House of Representatives was 63% for Democrats, 35% for Republicans,” the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) reported, citing exit polls. “That’s almost identical to 2020, when youth preferred Democrats to Republicans by 62% to 36%, and a small shift in favor of Republicans from the previous midterm: in 2018, the youth vote between Democrats and Republicans was 67% to 32%—which was the largest margin ever for Democrats among young voters.”


In comparison, in Pennsylvania 54% of the youth vote went for Democrats in 2022 while only 43% for Republicans. The Democrats only lost five points from 2018 while the GOP gained four points. The younger vote heavily influenced the Keystone State’s close Senate election with 70% of voters aged 18-29 choosing Democrat John Fetterman over Republican Mehmet Oz.

In Georgia, the youth vote was 54%-43% Democrats over Republicans, with the Democrats losing eight points and the GOP gaining the same amount since 2018. In Arizona, the Democratic margin was a whopping 57%-38%, with the Democrats having lost five points since 2018 and the GOP gaining five points.


“According to this exit poll data, youth ages 18-29 are the only age group in which a strong majority supported Democrats,” CIRCLE noted.

The reason why Democrats have been winning this battle is because they've been targeting children in public schools. They've been indoctrinated in them for decades now because they know that if they can plant the seeds that they will grow and flourish when it comes time for them to choose a candidate in an election. This is one of the big reasons why I emphasize taking your children out of public schools so much. Because like it or not they get indoctrinated there and the proof of this is right here in front of you.

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