Democrats Did it AGAIN! Watch Votes Disappear Right Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

One of the things that we saw in the presidential election was magical disappearing votes.

Of course, it only happened to President Trump in that he lost hundreds of thousands of votes, if not more and all on live TV.

Many times, there was a direct correlation between the number that was removed from President Trump and the number that was added to Joe Biden.

Well, wouldn't you know it, it just happened again in California in the recall election for Gavin Newsom.

I can't believe that the Democrats are brazen enough to even continue doing these same sort of tricks. It's sort of like a magic trick. You don't perform them more than once, maybe twice, because then people start picking up on the trick and it ruins the magic of it all.

However, the Democrats did it in November, they did it in January in Georgia, and now they're doing it in California.

Take a look at this video that shows votes disappear in favor of Newsom.

Why is this always happening and always in favor of Democrats? Moreover, WHY ARE WE STILL LETTING IT? Who is in charge over this crap? Are there not any honest people who can keep an eye on this? There is no confidence at all in any U.S. election. None.

And let's be honest, this is a big enough issue by now that even if there was an honest explanation for why this happens, someone should come out and explain and demonstrate why it happens.

Over the last 10 months, I've seen far too many things that are unexplainable and not much gets done about it.

Our entire election system needs greater security and a completely different way of tallying votes because we all know that with the way things are right now, our elections are ripe for fraud and as soon as we get the report from Maricopa County, we'll be able to prove it.

UPDATE: Well, we've finally been presented with an explanation. It doesn't mean that it's true and that wouldn't be known unless there was a full audit conducted into this election, which isn't likely to happen in California.

According to AP,

In reality, the vote changes had a simple explanation: a brief reporting error by an Edison Research staffer at a county office in Santa Clara, California. The changing numbers in the viral clip are a result of the error being fixed, according to Rob Farbman, executive vice president of Edison Research.

“While the ‘No’ vote was entered correctly at 11:19ET, the ‘Yes’ vote that appeared for 2 minutes on CNN was actually the ‘total’ vote of the combined ballots for Yes/No/ Santa Clara,” Farbman said in an email. “This error was entered at 11:19pm ET and corrected 2 minutes later at 11:21pm ET when we deleted the “total vote” in for ‘Yes’ and entered the correct ‘Yes’ vote.”

The error was not limited to CNN and affected several other networks that subscribe to Edison Research polling.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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