Democrats Already Nailed for Cheating as 255,000 Unverified Ballots are Uncovered in Pennsylvania

Election laws that make sense demand that voters provide identification upon voting. It is required by law for voters to provide identification in federal elections in the United States. Every election ought to require identification. If not, anyone could show up with a postcard notification and cast a ballot under any name under the sun.

To maintain secure elections, voting must be accompanied by identification. Liberals, though, seek to do away with the requirement. They label as racist everyone who thinks identification should be required. That implies that people of color are too dumb to obtain an ID in some way.

Of course, that is a false assumption. Democrats want ID restrictions eliminated so they can likely engage in various unethical cheating methods. One will be to let everyone who entered the country illegally to cast a ballot in federal elections without restriction.

Election officials will have to work diligently to stop this scheme. But Democrats are also big supporters of universal mail-in voting. Likewise, they want to eliminate any identification requirements on the ballot.

That would allow basically any person to take a ballot and mail it in. Certainly, a sane person can see how wide open this is for fraud. Do Democrats care? But of course they don’t. Democrats can use dead people’s votes, illegal migrant votes, and any other old votes they can.

The liberal fight against election integrity legislation isn’t to fight voter suppression. No, sir. They’re trying to grab every single opportunity available to them to cheat. They cannot win on their policies, so they have to scam their way into office.

Democrats focus heavily on key swing states. They used this crooked strategy to “supposedly win” critical battleground states in the 2020 presidential election. Their scam worked. Joe Biden, the guy who campaigned from his basement, “supposedly” got the most votes in history.

He didn’t. Biden cheated. But there are other important races in the 2022 midterms. Republicans are battling to save the country. The radical leftist agenda must be stopped before it totally destroys the nation.

Republicans can do it if they take back control of Congress. By all accounts, Republicans are poised to seize control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. That could effectively freeze the radical leftist agenda in its tracks.

Numerous states are in play for a “Republican red wave” to materialize. The numbers indicate huge midterm wins in store for conservative candidates. But Democrats, similar to the 2020 presidential election heist, need to cheat in specific states to hold on to power.

With a call to blow up the longstanding U.S. Senate filibuster, control of this chamber may be extremely important. Democrats are looking at four or five races where they could cheat out a seat. Pennsylvania is one of those states.

The Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz is clearly the best choice. John Fetterman is a radical liberal with a terrible track record. Fetterman will be a senate rubberstamp for liberal leftist policies. But Fetterman had a stroke in May. He’s clearly not fit for office.

Democrats have panicked. They’re looking at an obvious loss of yet another senate seat. So, what do they do? Pennsylvania Democrats are using every trick in the book to cheat. Mail-in ballots are their go-to strategy where state ID requirements are in place.

Pennsylvania Democrats mailed out over 250,000 unverified ballots. These ballots went to individuals whose identities couldn’t be authenticated by social security or driver’s license numbers. Without verification, these ballots never should have even been mailed.

But they were. Pennsylvania Republican Representatives sent a letter to the acting Secretary of the Commonwealth. All 15 representatives endorsed the letter to Leigh Chapman. It demands that these illegal, unverified ballots be set aside. This is the Pennsylvania law.

Before the ballot is tabulated, the individual assigned to the ballot must verify that the ballot is rightfully his or hers to cast. Identification is required. That’s potentially over a quarter of a million illegal votes. You can bet most of them “check the box for John Fetterman”.

There’s also a reasonable likelihood that a large portion of them will not be verified. That’s because they can’t be. They’re not verifiable voters. Election officials need to confiscate every one of the ballots. They must be secured ahead of the election pending verification.

If they’re not verified, they must not be counted. But Pennsylvanians can bet that Democrat operatives will work feverishly to sneak them in. This is a red flag. Liberals, especially John Fetterman, are going to lose. Democrats are going to try to cheat. You can bet “the House” on it.

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