Democrat US Representative Among Nine Arrested by Capitol Police

I make no joke when I say that Democrats really are the worst people in this country.

I mean that in a collective manner, not on an individual manner. There are some older Democrats who are so because of reasons they don't even fully understand.

I hate saying that, but we've got to just own up to this fact and do what we can to get these imbeciles out of office as soon as possible so we can run this nation successfully once again.

They want to talk about insurrection on January 6th, but here they are doing the same exact thing that they condemned. They are very good about being hypocritical, almost as though it's their best skill.

Democrat Rep. Joyce Beatty was among nine arrested last week after a group of protesters stormed the Hart Senate Building to protest against the filibuster.

Many of you may not know Rep. Joyce Beatty, but she is the head of the Congressional Black Caucus.

You'll see that she was handcuffed using zip ties (common when there are a lot of people being arrested at once).

"This afternoon, nine people were arrested for demonstrating in a prohibited area on Capitol Grounds," the Capitol Police said in a statement to Fox News. "At approximately 3:30pm, the United States Capitol Police responded to the Atrium in the Hart Senate Office Building for reports of illegal demonstration activity. After officers arrived on the scene, they warned the demonstrators three times to stop. Those who refused were arrested for D.C. Code ยง22-1307. Two males and seven females were transported to USCP Headquarters for processing."

Prior to the arrest, Rep. Beatty made the claim that she was protesting in an effort to protect voting rights for black women. I'm failing to understand exactly how the voting rights for black women is in jeopardy here.

It truly makes me sick that these people can so nonchalantly make claims like this, and actually believe it. It's just like when black people are pulled over and they naturally say it was because they were black. Nevermind the fact that they may have been doing 20 mph over the speed limit or failed to stop at a stop sign and caused an accident (literally saw this one this week).

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