Democrat Senator Gets SLAMMED After Calling for Ending Filibuster

Democrats know no bounds when it comes to pushing propaganda and getting their way. They literally stop at nothing to make sure that they get the power and control that they need.

At this point, there's really not much stopping Democrats from getting everything on their little wish lists. The only thing that comes close is the equally divided Senate, but then you have Kamala Harris who can break the tie.

While the Democrats managed to snatch an even 50/50 split by winning both Georgia Senate runoffs through another rigged election, longstanding Senate rules still made bipartisan approval of legislation essential. If the radicals can erase the Senate filibuster, there will be nothing to stop them from changing the face of America.

The latest display of total hypocrisy by a radical Democrat wouldn't generate as much attention if it weren't for the Senator's own personal history of using the procedural rule himself. Senator Martin Heinrich has used the filibuster 350 times since 2014. This is typical of the radical left's playbook. Use something, say something, or defend something, until it contradicts an agenda.

Charles Cooke from the National Review called it what it is, a fraud. Heinrich's signature on a letter to Senate leaders in April 2017, along with 60 other senators – both Democrats and Republicans – made sure to remind everyone of the unique legislative role played in the United States Senate.

The New Mexico Senator was all for keeping existing rules as the status quo, when they benefited his agenda. A key bill is going to navigate its way to the Senate floor soon. Heinrich, and other radical progressive Democrats, are championing the House's H.R. 1. H.R. 1 is a proposal masked in lies insisting our country needs election reform.

Republicans have touted the bill as another hypocritical power-grab by the radical left to seize control of American government, maybe permanently. Since the Senate only has one more yearly opportunity to utilize reconciliation rules on any piece of legislation, Democrats appreciate the filibuster stands in their way of railroading sweeping radical changes on our nations.

The reasoning behind Heinrich's change of heart about the Senate filibuster is so obvious it insults the intelligence of common sense. He supports Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. as states. This unpopular change would almost assuredly add two more radical leftist Senators.

Heinrich and his fellow radicals could then pack the United States Supreme Court, overhaul every election law that meets their whim, and push America over the edge into socialism. If their reasons for bashing the filibuster weren't so obvious, it might be comical. However, there will be nothing funny about how much destruction it will have on our nation, if we allow it to happen.

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