Democrat Rep. Proves How Far Removed from Reality She Is...“The Border is Both Sovereign and Secure”

Sometimes, it’s just hard to believe the narrative that comes out of the mouths of radical Democrats. It’s as if they think the American people are too stupid to believe their own eyes. One such incident happened recently, involving the crisis at the U.S. southern border.

Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee must live in some type of alternate universe. Like many from her apparently reality challenged party, Jackson-Lee insists that the southern border is closed. Please, Ms. Sheila, tell that to the hundreds of overwhelmed border patrol agents.

Tell this to the citizens of Texas and Arizona border communities, who are being overrun by a wave of illegal migrants. Jackson-Lee took her absurd claims to an even higher level of insanity. She insists that, “the border is both sovereign and secure”.

The U.S. Representative from the Houston, Texas area blames “biased and unfair narratives” being used for political purposes. Somehow, the Texas Congresswoman thinks that the actual pictorial facts and documented facts do not tell the true story.

According to Jackson-Lee, everything is fine at the southern border, nothing to see here people. This lady is from Texas, where even Democrat lawmakers have made pleas to the Biden administration for help to address an out-of-control border surge.

This same woman lashed out at false depictions of border patrol agents trying to control the crisis on horseback. She chimed in with the lie about agents whipping Haitians, despite direct evidence that this was not happening.

Sheila Jackson-Lee is nothing more than a trademark liberal liar. She will say anything that supports the agenda of her party. These liberal bootlickers will tell Americans that they do not see what they actually witness with their own eyes.

Some wonder if these people are from another planet. We’re not sure if that’s the problem. They are not stupid people. They have to know Americans can see what’s going on. That means they are flat out lying, but why? There is the game unfolding in American politics.

It is a dangerous game. It is a political game being played out by liars who think Americans are the fools. The game affects every American. It is the battle between socialist control by governmental elites, and those who value American freedom.

The game is unfolding before our eyes. The rules of engagement are afoot. There are people who will tell us what our eyes see isn’t the truth. Americans need to step forward and call these people out on their lies. Sheila Jackson-Lee is one of the worst.

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