Democrat Operatives Paid Native Americans to Vote in Nevada With Gift Cards

Today I had a huge realization though I'm sure I'm late to this game... they don't even care anymore. They are actually openly cheating. Among the many mishaps, just look at what happened in Georgia yesterday. A judge ordered the voting machines not to be touched and it was overturned in a matter of hours.

Now we're seeing PROOF that some people were PAID to vote. In a series of now-deleted Facebook posts, archives of which have been obtained by The Gateway Pundit, the Nevada Native Vote Project can clearly be seen in exchanging gift cards in exchange for people’s ballots.

The group cannot claim that they were providing gas to go vote, as they were exchanging ballots for the gift cards right there.



A lawsuit filed by Jesse Binall on behalf of the Trump campaign and Nevada electors states that “at least one of the social media videos in which NNVP promoted the voting drives and the incentives depicted NNVP personnel wearing a ‘Biden-Harris’ face covering and standing in front of a van bearing a ‘Biden-Harris’ logo and openly encouraged people to vote for Joseph Biden.”


These events were hosted and promoted by the Nevada Democratic Party.

The lawsuit continues on to assert that “offering something of value to a voter in exchange for his/her vote is a violation of Federal and Nevada law. All such votes cast in exchange for the above-described incentives are, therefore, illegal and improper votes. The evidence will show that there were no less than 500 of these illegal and improper votes.”

“These illegal or improper votes cast and counted are in an amount sufficient to raise reasonable doubt as to the outcome of the Election,” the lawsuit asserts.

“The fact that the voting drives were officially promoted by NNVP organizing personnel displaying ‘Biden-Harris’ promotional material and logos reflects that value was being offered to voters under these circumstances in an effort to manipulate or alter the outcome of the Election,” it reads.


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