Democrat City's Only Charter School Prohibits White People from Attending

Nothing shouts quality quite like having some sort of establishment which is only for one particular type of people and you exclude the others.

Of course, I'm being facetious about this because this makes no sense at all in the overall goal of trying to establish actual equality between citizens of our country.

That's why I've never quite understood black-only schools or areas in colleges which you see today that are supposed to be only for people of color.

You may actually recall last year there were some white students who were simply doing their school work inside of their school when they were approached by two women who also attend the school who told them that they needed to leave because they're in a black only area.

Can you just imagine the outrage that would be spread across the country if this were to have happened with the shoes on the other feet? If this would have been two white guys coming up to two black girls who were studying minding their own business and they told them that they needed to leave because this is a whites-only area can you just imagine what would have happened?

Contrary to what the liberals tell you racism works both ways. Black people are not exempt from being racist, Asians are not exempt from being racist, whites are not exempt from being racist, everyone can be racist, but not everyone IS racist.

But try telling that to Portland and their only Charter school, because there are no whites allowed there.

It will be a quasi-private but somewhat public school operating in conjunction with one of the local school districts. But here’s the twist. They will only be accepting BIPOC students (Black, Indigenous, people of color). No children from Asian, white or Jewish families need apply. (

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