Dem Senator: "Hateful" and "Racist" Tweets Can "Hypothetically" Impeach Trump

Jeez. Are these Democratic lawmakers serious? Do they not have a brain at all in their heads? It is like they are a flock of sheep that mindlessly run around on repeat about how bad our President is.

Chris Coons, a Democratic Senator, suggested Tuesday to MSNBC that President Trump should "hypothetically" be impeached due to his "racist" and "hateful" tweets.

I bet you money that you wouldn't be able to find a single racist or hateful tweet since Trump being in Presidency. In fact, Id bet more that you wouldn't even be able to find any of those so-called tweets even before he was made President.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd said, “I have to say, one of the logical things I don’t understand when I hear people making declarations about ‘this is not an impeachable offense.’ Correct me if I’m wrong, the impeachable offense is whatever a majority the House says it is, and if you get ousted, it’s whatever two-thirds of the Senate says?”

Coons replied, “Well, that’s subject to a lot of debate.”

He continued, “It is a political process, Chuck. You’re right that we don’t have detailed documentary evidence of what the Founders meant by high crimes and misdemeanors. We have some history from the United Kingdom, where they used that term in impeachment over a long period of time. Understanding this is the Constitutional mechanism for removing the president, I find it hard to believe that it has to be a specifically plead federal crime.”

“If, for example, the president of the United States just chose to move to his golf resort in Scotland for two years and not come back, not return calls, not be the president, don’t you think we could impeach him and remove him for dereliction of duty, even though there’s no specific crime?” Coons inquired.

“If the president hypothetically were to start adopting some hateful, racist position and tweeting and saying things that violated all of our values and were offensive to every American and didn’t specifically commit a crime, couldn’t we remove him in that instance?” he concluded.

This is just getting old.

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