Decomposing Body of Missing Mom Found In Her Car Inside a Shipping Container

Mom of three Marilane Carter's car was found in a shipping container weeks after she went missing in rural Arkansas, cops say she left home in search of mental health treatment.

Marilane's uncle stumbled upon the remains when he went to Crittenden County to look for her and entered the container after seeing the door open. The body still has to be identified as the mom-of-three, however, the car has been confirmed to be hers. A credit card with her name on it was also found in the car.

Marilane, 36 was last seen leaving Overland Park, Kansas, on August 2 driving to visit family in Birmingham, Alabama. Her husband, Adam Carter, the lead pastor at Leawood Baptist Church in Kansas, filed a missing persons report on August 3 after she did not arrive in Birmingham. reported that more than six law enforcement agencies in at lease four different states aided in the search for the pastor's wife.

According to DailyMail

A body believed to be a Kansas pastor's missing wife has been found in her car inside a shipping container in rural Arkansas, two weeks after she vanished.

Mother-of-three Marilane Carter's uncle discovered the decomposing remains when he traveled to Crittenden County to look for her and saw the door of the container open.

The body has not yet been positively identified as Carter, but authorities confirmed the car is hers.  A credit card bearing her name was also recovered inside the vehicle.

Cops have not released a cause of death but do not suspect foul play.

Carter was last seen on August 2 when she checked into a Quality Inn hotel in Missouri for three hours on her way to Alabama to seek treatment for anxiety and visit relatives.

She later called her parents from the road, sounding confused and telling them she kept getting lost. Carter was never heard from again.

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