DECLASSIFIED REPORT: FBI Violated Judges Order to Spy on Americans Without Warrant...Again

If you still had any questions about how exactly our own government feels about the citizens of this country, you'll know for certain by the end of this article.

Never forget that our government and those in power only care about three things; money, power, and control over the population.

This is especially true of the left because this is their only objective in life. They want to be in the seat of authority and they'll do anything to get there. You've got to hand it to them because in their corruption they're diligent and have consistently attacked up for decades without easing up.

This is obviously no real compliment, but it is true nonetheless. This is the way that the Democrats have gained such a foothold over the years. They are very incremental and they'll take an inch if you give it to them, then they'll take another inch, and another, and another.

We've learned that the FBI has once again spied on Americans, even targeting what they call "far-right domestic extremists".

To a Democrat, this would likely be anyone who supports President Trump.

They even went around the FISA court and searched through NSA communications even after they were warned by a federal judge not to do so because this was unconstitutional.

Of course, it is! This is a violation of the 4th Amendment.

According to a FISA report that was dated back from last November, there have been at least seven FBI field offices implicated in this breach.

Is anything going to happen to them? Of course not. They're the government and they're above the law. There is no one to hold them accountable.

But we've already seen this played out with the FBI spying on President Trump and his 2016 campaign. Nothing came out of that either. Our government is very corrupt and as I've said before, I think we need to start over, but this is much easier said than done. We've got a lot of work to do if we're going to fix this nation.

FISA Report by Jim Hoft

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