Deaths Attributed to “Unknown Causes” Now the Leading Killer in Alberta, Canada

Health Canada approved the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations on December 9, 2020. Two days later, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine received emergency use authorization (EAU) approval from the US.

Both statements praised the introduction of the experimental drugs as a game-changing means of saving lives in the fight against a deadly virus. There were several comforting assertions and assurances of protection in Health Canada's proclamation.

According to the December 9 statement, “After a thorough, independent review of the evidence, Health Canada has determined that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine meets the Department's stringent safety, efficacy, and quality requirements for use in Canada.”

A new report from Alberta, Canada shows that self-righteous bureaucrats may have been wrong, very wrong. Health officials in the Canadian province have issued startling data. Health records in Alberta indicate an unparalleled increase in “unknown or ill-defined” causes of death.

This spike in unexplained deaths started in 2020. It got worse in 2021. The total number of deaths attributed to unknown causes started rising gradually when the pandemic began. However, there has been an alarming jump since the first vaccines were offered.

Since late 2020 into 2021, bizarre unknown deaths have ballooned out of control. These unexplained deaths are now the leading reported cause of death in Alberta. The totals are not just a little higher. The 2021 totals are spectacularly higher than in 2019, before COVID-19 hit.

In 2021, unknown causes of death claimed more lives than heart disease, diabetes, and strokes combined. When those statistics are compared to pre-pandemic numbers, total deaths without a known cause are a mind-boggling 7 times greater than they were in 2019.

From 2020 to 2021, the number of unexplained causes of death more than doubled. In 2021, there were 3,362 deaths with unknown causes. That number in 2019 was a paltry 522. But the so-called “scientific experts” remain silent. They refuse to provide any plausible explanation.

Investigations are linking an astonishingly high instance of unknown causes of death with the rollout of the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Insurance companies have seen a 40% increase in death claims since the vaccines became available.

This spike is not contained within the older population, those supposedly more susceptible to the virus. These startling numbers involve middle-aged people. The increase in mortality among people between 25 and 34 (millennials) is even more shocking.

Since the vaccine's introduction, the all-cause mortality rate among millennials has increased by 84 percent. Fewer than half of these deaths are linked directly to COVID-19. This ironic spike in unexplained deaths should clearly send up red flags about dangerous vaccine side effects.

But will the scientific community discuss these alarming statistics? They essentially refuse. If those who made the hasty decision to release a poorly tested medicine are willing to respond to questions about these bizarre statistics, they offer baseless answers.

The suppression of this type of data is even worse in America. What are they hiding? As the unexplained death count rises, the bureaucrats clam up even tighter. The COVID-19 pandemic was a terrible ordeal. However, what the scientific community did to people was an atrocity.

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