Dad’s Hand Made T-shirt Causes a Stir at Disney World

Some people use different ways to show how they feel about other people and groups. But what one man did at Disney World to show how he really felt has recently gone viral.

In an effort to be "honest and polite" about what he thinks about Disney's administration, one dad made a handmade T-shirt that caused quite a stir at "the happiest place on earth."

He has taken his kids to Disney World for years. Over the years, he's seen how the company has made small changes to the causes it supports and the practices it uses at its parks. However, recent decisions in Disney's management's long-running fight against child safety legislation "were the last straw."

The only reason that the family went to Disney world this year was because he had already purchased the tickets before all of this drama really started, which I can understand I suppose. He tried to get a refund for his tickets, but they weren't going to give it to him.

There is no longer a secret and subtle agenda on the part of Disney; they are coming full force with this leftist propaganda to be all inclusive of everyone who isn't straight basically.

From what I can tell, there is an ever-growing plot to destroy everything that is right in the world. They want to take away parental rights and turn boys into girls and girls into boys. It's not even as though they're just accepting of it, they want to force everyone else to not only be accepting of it as well, but to be a willing participant in this as well.

Then they had a brilliant idea. "A basic white T-shirt and a pair of sharpies" were used.

“I had to make a statement,” Geffers said. “So, I went out and bought a T-shirt. I put a couple of things on the back and a couple of things on the front and I wore it to the park.”

"Hello Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen," Geffers wrote on the back. "Walt Not Woke," he wrote on the front. Geffers said he needed to do something to communicate his feelings about what was going on at "the happiest spot on earth," even though he wasn't sure how people would react.

Geffers and the rest of his group visited Disney's Magic Kingdom on the first day. They hadn't even entered the park when Geffers spotted people pointing, whispering, smiling, and making comments, according to him. “Walt Not Woke” seemed to be the favorite part of the shirt amongst people who saw it.

He even said that one of the employees told him that they liked his shirt as well.

Photo Credit: (Courtesy of Dan Geffers)

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