Crooked Liberal Oligarch Trying to Smother the Voice of Conservative Hispanics!

George Soros (Investor, Finanzier, Open Society Foundation), Foto:

The catastrophe at our southern border should greatly concern Americans. It is a component of a cunning scheme by the radical left wing of the Democratic Party. Liberals are actively working to change the demographics of the United States, and anyone who claims otherwise is just lying or deeply uninformed.

Once more, this is a deliberate plan to permanently sway the voting population of the United States in their favor. However, the influx of illegal immigrants of whom are Hispanic—is merely one element of this scheme. Democrats complain endlessly about Republican politicians' restrictions on voting rights.

They're not. The ID requirement is one of the main objections that radical Democrats have to conservative election reform. Why would liberals be so adamantly opposed to the straightforward requirement that you provide identification before you may cast a ballot in the United States as a citizen? We need an ID for purchasing alcohol, cigarettes, verifying documents and ownership, getting a job, and so many other things.

It’s a strategy to create chaos in the election process. Not only would it allow cheating, but millions of illegal non-citizens could have access to federal election ballots. This is not a game. This is a devious scheme to take over complete single-party control of our democracy.

The farthest to the left aren’t even trying to hide their actions. New York City, the sewer of liberal-left politics, tried to implement an important second step. The liberal cesspool (aka: The Big Apple) enacted a law that would allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

“The Big Apple” is rotten to its core. If Americans don’t think this was a purposeful step in our largest city to allow illegal non-citizens the right to vote, then we are far too gullible. Thankfully, the New York Supreme Court, liberal as it is, ruled in favor of the New York Constitution.

Richmond County Supreme Court Judge Ralph Porzio summarized the decision by saying, “It is this Court's belief that by not expressly including non-citizens in the New York State Constitution, it was the intent of the framers for non-citizens to be omitted.”

It doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to translate that same logic to the United States Constitution. Our founders did not make provisions for “non-citizens, illegal or otherwise,” to vote in our country’s vital elections. If you’re not an American citizen, you cannot vote, period.

But clearly, that’s not the mindset of the radical progressive wing of the Democrat Party. But why would they so openly support something that clearly most Americans would be opposed to? Now we’re back to the reason behind the wave of illegal migrants at our southern border.

When we look at the overall percentage of illegal border crossings, migrants are predominately from Mexico and three primary Central American countries. Joe Biden’s open border policies are flooding America with illegal migrants, mostly Hispanics.

The Biden administration is using taxpayer money to strategically bus or fly these “non-citizens” to various locations across the nation. The percentage of Hispanics in America, including those who are illegal and therefore “non-citizens,” is skyrocketing.

But there’s now another part of this scheme. Consider how many millions of illegal migrants Joe Biden has let into the country since taking office. Don’t forget, one of America’s biggest liberal cesspools tried to allow illegal non-citizens the right to vote.

Most of these people are, again, Hispanic. Enter the biggest and richest liberal crook in the world, George Soros. Soros spends billions to fund campaigns to elect liberal district attorneys. He has flooded the liberal progressive machine for years. He is a corrupt liberal oligarch.

But the latest Soros-funded ploy may be the most crooked scheme ever. Soros is spending millions to gobble up Hispanic radio stations across the United States. But why would a left-wing global elitist want to own conservative Hispanic radio stations?

Democrats are in a panic. Hispanic voters are drifting away from the party. The liberal plan to corral all Hispanic votes in federal elections isn’t working. Joe Biden is failing every race and ethnicity in America, especially Hispanics.

Democrats cannot afford to lose the “bell cow” they’ve hung future elections on. If they lose the minds of the Hispanic population, they will lose elections. Watching the pathetic performance of Joe Biden has caused thousands of Hispanic voters to shift to conservative ideas.

They need to brainwash this key voter demographic. Enter the king of the liberal crooks, Mr. George Soros. Soros is making a bid to purchase 18 conservative Hispanic radio stations. He doesn’t need to silence those stations that already lean liberal.

Soros, fueled by the radical liberal machine, is trying to squash the growing conservative voice in the Hispanic community. This is not free speech. This is taking $60 million dollars and trying to stuff it in the mouth of Hispanic conservative radio.

A candidate for a congressional seat, George Santos, is furious. He insists that the Soros-backed group is trying to silence conservatives. Santos said, “I believe Soros is not only trying to silence conservative voices; he’s trying to push his regurgitated nonsense from the left on Latinos, on people who are undecided, on people who are not sure.”

Americans are pushing back against the radical progressive agenda. Voters are recalling George Soros-backed prosecutors. Hispanic voices are angry that he’s attempting to smother free speech in their communities. Americans are also sick and tired of Joe Biden.

But this bid to squash conservative Hispanic radio is bigger than what might meet the eye. This is another step in an insidious plan to take over the United States of America. Liberal Democrats are the party of global elitists. They do not want a democracy.

Their border policies, resistance to common-sense election laws, and a push for non-citizen voting rights, are all designed to monopolize our political process. All conservatives must join the increasingly conservative Hispanic community and wake up before it’s too late.

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