'Crocodile of Wall Street' Arrested After Laundering $4.5 Billion in Bitcoin

One of the hottest things right now is cryptocurrency. Everybody wants to get in on it and get some Bitcoin or some Ethereum or many people prefer to participate in buying the lesser-known cryptocurrencies that have potential to grow and be used more especially in the metaverse space.

As a trader I have dabbled in cryptocurrency as well though it's not my regular thing to do. Obviously, a lot of money has been made by people purchasing crypto-currency and holding on to it or trading it, and while Bitcoin is very expensive relatively speaking it's probably still cheap if you're willing to hold for a long time. Again that's not my cup of tea and I prefer just trading because I can make more money trading than I can investing and holding.

But there are some people out there who has made millions and even billions through cryptocurrency, both legally and illegally. And perhaps no one has done as well as the two who are known as the Bitcoin Bandits, Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein. According to the department of justice these two have earned approximately $4.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency.

There are tons of scams out there trying to rip people off and still their cryptocurrency and not have done it better than these two.

Well, these two have been arrested and are charged with laundering $4.5 billion in cryptocurrency.

Now it's being claimed that the two didn't spend much of the money in fact they're saying that they only spent enough to get a $500 Walmart gift cards and gold and some NFTs as well as some other things but based on their lifestyle and some of the things that they have as well as living in there $5,000 a month studio apartment in New York I'm going to say that that's not entirely true.

Before their arrest, the savvy tech pair, who lived with a Bengal cat named Clarissa, appeared to be rising, moneyed stars. They lived in luxury buildings in San Francisco and New York. Rent in their Wall Street building begins at more than $5,000 for a studio, according to real estate listings.

NY Post

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