Crazy Liz Cheney Claiming January 6 Panel Has Evidence to Make Criminal Referral for Trump to DOJ

A handful of "RINOs" pose as conservative lawmakers. They claim to stand for conservative beliefs, yet they are only "Republicans in Name Only." They not only oppose the Republican Party's ideals and beliefs, but also attempt to undermine them.

They're swamp monsters from D.C.. Liz Cheney is one of the most prominent RINOs in Washington, D.C. The Wyoming Republican Party has kicked Cheney out. When the Republican Party of the state where you were elected throws you out, it's a horrible situation.

Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is a career bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. Cheney has been at conflict with President Donald Trump's ideas and strong conservative worldview since the outset. Liz Cheney is a liar and a con artist.

She has repeatedly criticized the former president, even voting with Democrats on a bogus impeachment claim. Now, Cheney is the co-chair of a sham January 6 commission targeting more false claims against President Trump.

This bogus panel has one objective and one objective only. They are not interested in the truth. The more stories that come out of this sham investigation, the more obvious this becomes. The January 6 commission is not investigating the cause of the chaotic January 6, 2020, protests.

This commission is another weapon being used by the liberal left to prevent President Donald Trump from seeking another term as president. There is no other objective. The radical Liz Cheney bought into this crooked scheme a long time ago.

While every other Republican refused to sit on this sham committee, Cheney and fellow RINO Adam Kinzinger openly lobbied to be the only Republican representation. Consequently, in a crooked deal with Nancy Pelosi, they are the only two Republicans in the nine-member group.

Three of the remaining seven Democrats are all from radically liberal California, including the corrupt Adam Schiff. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called the direct manipulation of the committee’s makeup by Speaker Nancy Pelosi “an egregious abuse of power.”

That didn’t stop Kinzinger and Cheney from essentially volunteering for what equates to a lynch job. The composition of the committee, and how Crazy Nancy put it together, removes any chance for an unbiased outcome.

Leaked information is even further proof that whatever this committee reports is going to be a one-sided assault targeted at President Trump. Reports on the panel’s progress mentioned that some wrongly believe President Trump “engaged in criminal conspiracy.”

He did not, and the commission knows he did not. It’s another hoax, concocted by the deep state swamp rats to try to erase President Donald Trump from the political spectrum. They are afraid of him because he’s a threat to their bureaucratic B.S.

In a recent report by the liberal New York Times, even the liberal-loaded commission is divided on whether there’s anything criminal to refer to the Department of Justice. Nevertheless, in a CNN interview, Liz Cheney continued to parrot the same tired narrative.

Being part of a supposedly bipartisan panel to perform an important investigatory job, Cheney, and every other member of this panel, should be keeping their mouths shut. They’re not. These ideologues can’t help themselves.

Even the liberal CNN puppet Jake Tapper understands the futility of any assertion that President Trump is somehow criminally responsible for anything that happened on January 6. Tapper was interviewing Cheney on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Tapper began by saying, “There’s a dispute on your committee, as I don’t need to tell you, some people feel like a referral, which actually has no legal weight, would only taint the process under which Attorney General Merrick Garland might act.”

With only two so-called Republicans on the committee, both ardent haters of President Trump, who are the Democrats that are at least bright enough to grasp that reality? Then, Tapper asked Cheney, “Where do you come down?”

Despite reports that even Tapper is aware of, Cheney lied to the American people again. Cheney quickly discounted Tapper’s question by responding, “There’s not really a dispute on the committee.” Crazy Liz must be living in an alternate universe.

Her bitterness and hatred for President Trump is so obvious, it’s laughable. Instead of showing some level of integrity and keeping her mouth shut, Liz Cheney had to spout off more lies. She is so clearly in the bag for the radical left, it’s astounding.

As the progress slows in this sham investigation, November cannot come too soon. Republicans, many of whom are already digging into the truth about January 6, will have the majority. With this U.S. House majority will come the power to launch an authentic investigation.

Liz Cheney won’t be part of these honest investigations because she will no longer represent Wyoming. She is a RINO on her way out. Hopefully, by exposing these crooked conservatives, voters will make the RINO extinct.

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